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dear little sisters,

I know grandma Landon isn't the main thing on your mind, but she is awesome! she would always spoil you. i hope you look back at this blog and show the other one. Sorry you never met her):

Agency and Acountability


"Wherefore, the Lord God gave unto man that he should act for himself. Wherefore, man could not act for himself save it should be that he was enticed by one another."2 Nephi 2:16

Heavenly father gave us freedom to do what we wanted to do but we couldn't do it unless we were helped by someone else.


"And Joshua said unto hi son, Achan, I pray the glory of the Lord God of Israel, and make confession unto him, and tell me now what thou hast done. Hide it not from me." Joshua 7:19

Don't hide what you do from people, just repent for it and make it up.

I'm accountable for my choices

Note to Amelia and Ivy about Grandma Jean

Our Grandma Landon always loved to spoil people she always gave us everything we wanted almost. She always drank Pepsi and ate potato chips and gave us a lot of junk food. When Elijah was 3 months old she gave Elijah a donut because he wanted one. She always wanted us to have everything fun and exciting because she didn't have it when she was a kid. I remember her taking us to Funworks or Boomblox (I forgot what it was called) and letting us get like everything you can eat and a bunch of tokens because she wanted us to have fun.


"Sacred means worthy of veneration and respect.By designating something as sacred, the Lord signals it is of higher value and priority than other things.Sacred things.Sacred things are to be treated with more care, given greater deference, and regarded with more care." To hold sacred.

Things worth a lot of respect are sacred.If it is sacred it is worth more and is of higher priority. They're to be given more respect, value, and is a higher priority than other things are.

My priorities are
1. Church
2. School
3. Sports
5.Other things

Things I want in life
1.A family that goes to church
2.To be married in the temple
3.To go on a mission
4.A good, fun, well paying job
5.A lot of time off work
6.My kids to have good grades
7.Healthy kids
8.A kind loving wife
9.My kids to have good friends
10.4 kids


This is my parody of American Pie by Dan Mclean

This happened in days past
I still have a scar from the path that
took me for a fateful ride
that changed all my friend’s life’s tides
and it was all caused by a little walk

Yet I did somehow survive it
and going through life bit by bit
I could never forget
and never will I forget

I chanced upon a forest path
to suffer fate’s desperate wrath
yet something caused me to feel bliss
walking the path most missed

So my, my how many had died
Tried to survive, not satisfied, I definitely died
and such cleverness saved some lives
although it caused for me to die
it caused for me to die

Thorns scratched my limbs, body, head
and made me wish I brought a bed
if the path allowed me to
some strange guy blocking the road
who less resembled man than toad
and challenged me without further ado

Well I could never ever play chess
how did I get myself in this mess
He said that if I lost
that he would hang me on some cross

My life depended on this giant game
that didn’t at all a normal chess game seem
this guy had a crazy scheme
walking the path most missed

I started singin’ my, my, how many will die
tried to survive not satisfied, I definitely tried
and such cleverness saved some lives
although it caused me to die
it caused me to die

Trapped inside the giant chess pieces
I saw my family’s faces
I don’t know how it came to be
all of a sudden I was inside the king
suddenly the game was in full swing
This was no game o’er a cup of tea

Oh, and while I(king) quickly resigned
I saved all of my kin in kind
the chess game was adjourned
There was a lot of deaths

and while my family all survived
I was the martyr who had died
and I went on a crazy ride
walking the path most missed


Free Verse

A Free Verse is a poem with no set rhyme scheme, syllable amount or topic. Basically you can do whatever you want.

Warning: This is not for the faint of heart, I wouldn't even include it if my mom hadn't made me.

Fear strikes my heart
paralyzing my muscles
Blood drips from my heart
most of my family are dead
I feel like I fell off the Grand Canyon
hopelessness and despair have clutched my heart
never have I felt such despair
when the knife spun
deftly thrown
into each of the hearts
of all I had known.
Now blood pools in front of me
four others killed I am to join them
wrenching the knife out of my heart,
and in a final act of valour
throw it at the murderer
who ended four lives
who catches the blade
and ends one more
my sister
her face slowly grows white
the knife that killed us drenched in blood
her limbs become limp, her breathing stops
her eyes glaze over and the house is still
my ragged breathing the only noise
I have no energy left to crawl
the sun dimmed, though midday
my sister is dead, why am I still here
I’ve lost all hope
the life of the survivor is worse than death
left without love
joy or a will to live
I feel it coming
probably wishful thought
why is life so short interpetation
what a terrible way to die
drowned in my families blood
the blood splattered walls are like they were painted so
I’m losing focus and train of thought
what did I do to deserve this
I didn’t even eat breakfast
this was such a great 12th birthday
or was it my birthday
an ambulance comes, sirens faint
in their hands I join my family
and five becomes six, I’m almost relieved

Ode to Baseball

An ode is a poem normally using hyperbole to praise something the writer loves. I did mine on baseball.

Baseball O! Baseball
With second at your heart
Pumping arms and swinging bats
Dirt then grass then dirt then grass then dirt then grass again.
Three strikes, three outs, then nine innings
Wooden, Metal and Compound bats
what would I do without you
200, 300, and 400 feet
Your quarter circle,
the diamond to run around,
people are drawn to you
in rain, sun, day or night.
Like a beacon, America's light
Baseballs are blurs as they fly.
I'll run your bases, water your grass
Rake your dirt, brush your plate
polish bats, buy overpriced baseballs
Just to play your wonderful, wonderful, amazing game.


An Epitaph is a short message written upon a gravestone.


A Hero's Sonnet

A Sonnet is a 14 line poem with the rhyme scheme ABABCDCDEFEFGG. It also must have a volta of turn. My rhyme in the F lines is a little off.

The enemy's nearing I draw my sword,
these are the men of the empire
I start counting, there are 2004
The situation seems quite dire
when our swords clash, the battle will begin
2004 against 201
we all fight for our kin.
They retreat the battles won!
Then they attack with faster blows
Our men are ready and keep fighting
I notice the hero of out foes,
he stabs me first but I kill him as I'm dying
A heroes act that brings me a heroes death
No time to take my final breath.

A Quatrain of Randomness

This is my completely random quatrain.

Sun is high, clouds not there
In Seattle people care.
Clouds everywhere, rain is falling
in Sahara, this is appalling.

Tornado touching the ground
Tornado Alley this is found
Sahara rain pelts
while Seattle melts.


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