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Why the AZ cards outdo every other team.

First off, the cards are going four for 0 at football and if you like the Falcons or the Texans they stink( compared to AZ at least). Our team has had a whole lot of hard wins and one of the hardest teams in the country, the Patriots. The dolphins were also extremely hard and we only won in overtime with a fifty yard field goal! What now! And if you like the Eagles we beat them easily and Vick pretty much gave us a touchdown by fumbling it to the fastest linebacker ever, Washington (Uncle Bryce). If you like the 49ers they are not 4 and 0 like us. If you like Sea hawks we beat them easily and they are not 4 and 0 like us. If you like the Dolphins , they can't kick field goals. If you like the Patriots we beat them like that. Teams really need to know that Fitzgerald is not are only good player. We still got Roberts our other receiver, King,our tight end, Washington, our linebacker, Peterson, a special teams and a CB, Beanie Wells, our running back, Adrian Wilson, our safety, Doucet, another receiver, Ryan Williams, a running back, and a couple more good players that I don't know their name to. We would be completely unstoppable if we had a way better QB than Kolb. We also have the most sportsmanlike player in football ever. He's always the first player to congratulate, help up, comfort, and is the most humble player ever. He is probably the best current wide receiver in the league. Every other team that is undefeated are only that way because they haven't played us. d:D


This is my talk:
Hi,my name is Maxwell and I’d like to talk about respect.You should respect your neighbors, the bishop,laws, rules, and teachers because there is a lot of reason for them.Those reasons are so we can learn,have a church,get help if we need it,and so we can be safe.You should also respect those reasons.You can respect parents and teachers by following the rules and talking nicely.You should respect other people with kindness and freindlyness.You shouldn’t not respect people because of grey hair, dark skin, or any of their appearance.You should respect nature because without nature we would have nothing.Without respect the whole world would be arguing ,not following the rules, and not making any safe places.Mathew 7 12 says: 12 Therefore all things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them: for this is the law and the pro.phets.Sr.LIFFERTH said We must … cultivate in our homes and classrooms respect for each other and reverence for God. Amen.

football damage and NFL

Yesterday, I was playing football. I had a lot of good catches, but the last try wasn't very good because I broke or jammed my finger or something.Ever since, I haven't been able to do a couple things.That includes doing the kitchen.
The cards are amazingly undefeated!Yesterday they won 24 to 21 with a amazing winning field goal that was 56 yards or something in overtime against the dolphins.They've played the patriots,dolphins,Seahawks, and the eagles.

Normal Weekend Day(Saturday) 8/26/12

I wake up at 6:00-7:00. Eat breakfast and then do medicine straight after. I play with my Bros until 10:00 am which we start cleaning. 11:00 am we eat lunch. Play until dinner with no time that is normal. Baseball any time. Go to sleep any time normally after 9:30 pm.

A Normal Day at School 8/26/12

I wake up at 6:00 am, and get ready. I don't have a specific order I do except I always eat last. I get done at about 6:40 am. I then clean, do homework, or play until 7;20 am, and then my dad takes us to school. I arrive at 7:30 to 7:40. I drop off my instrument on silver days, and then wait until 7:45 Then the doors open and I enter and hang out with my friends. At 7:55 I go into my classroom. School ends at 2:30 pm, where I wait at the library until 3:30 pm. Then I walk to where I get picked up by Mom. I then have an afternoon snack. Baseball, homework and dinner follow in undetermined order. Bed at 8:30.

Weekend Homework 8/26/12

This weekend is my first weekend with real homework. I don't count this because this could be avoided, but the having it is annoying. I have weekend homework because I am a procrastinater. I planned to have two journal entries done by now, but here I am with three journal entries to write. I don't think you ever have weekend homework that is unavoidable, because of the block schedule. I could do weekend homework assigned on Friday on Monday night, but there's my incurable procrastination. The only thing keeping me from doing that is being bored after-school when at the the library.

School 8/21/12

I love school. I love to learn with new friends, or sometimes old friends. I love to be taught by nice teachers, and all of my teachers are nice.I love science and math, especially. If I can't be a baseball player, I want to be a scientist. You need to do math in science. Back on topic, my classes are, in order, Algrebra 2, Concert Band, English Honors, Lifetime Fitness, Honors Social Studies, Honors Science, and Integrated Studies. The days seems so short with this block schedule I love!!

my new team for soccer

This My new soccer team is awesome even if we have four annoying players.Collin, Quin, Gregory, and Drake. Drake and Gregory both aren't that annoying. Collin doesn’t really do anything but talk to people .Quin does stuff but when we discuss strategies he just talks. Alexander, a friend of mine from school, is on my team this year. In the scrimmage he got one assist and one goal. This Is his first year in a league and he’s is still pretty good.
Nikhil has been on my team for a long time and he’s awesome at the sport he plays as a midfielder. Aaron is also on my team he plays as a forward and is also really good at making accurate passes and shots. .Cole has been on my team for a long time also but not as long as Nikhil and Aaron, he is our team’s best defender. One guy who I forgot his name can kick it really far. Robbie, a defender is also really good he blocked two of my shots during a drill.. Jake was pretty silent the whole entire time but he was really good.
Josh is a defender and is also okay. Everyone on my team is underlined at least everyone that came.

These Journal Entries. 8/21/12

I'm able to write the entries, I just can't figure out what to write about. I love to write, but can never figure out what to write about. I like telling what's going on in my life, but that's hard when you're writing quickly whatever pops into your head so you can get this done because of a silly power outage!! I am going to try and plan my journal entries better this time.

Power Outage 8/21/12

These blog entries were journal entries I had to write for school as homework.
We had a power outage last night. It ruined my ability to finish my homework, including this. Now I have to finish this before school, also some math. The power turned on last night, but I was already staying up late. I am nerve-wrecked that I won't finish all my homework(I had to finish it before school that day). Why does the power have to go out on the night I planned these entries? I don't know but it was really annoying. Amelia enjoyed the storm, but eventually wanted to see(no lights remember?). We had her watch Netflix on my Dad's tablet. All of it was OK, no one was really scared.


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