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August 22, 2006

Last night we had something funny happen. We were talking to the boys about their friends at school. Xander said after a few names, "He is my friend." Jared responded, "Heith?" Xander defiantly replied, "I didn't say thhhh or fffff." Jared queried, "What is HIS name?" I said things like, "Who is he?" Xander kept answering, "He." Xander was getting frustrated with his parents so I got out the class list we just received yesterday. And yes, HUY is Xander's friend. Which puts HUY on the top of the list as names parents should be warned about ahead of time when you have a child in Kindergarten.

Maxwell is probably the most playful kid in the world. He can find fun in anything. When Jared got home from work and was chilling on the couch, Maxwell climbed up on the arm of the couch and stuck his arms out superman style and yelled, "Blast off!" Then he proceeded to jump over the couch onto Jared who was at the other end. This game kept going with Jared cracking up until the other boys got involved and it got too rough. We knew we were in trouble with Maxwell when he could barely walk and was right around age one and he would jump off the couch with light saber in hand, land on his feet, and never miss a beat in his gait.

Don't you love the stream line of consciousness of blogging?

August 21, 2006

Xander and Elijah have been in school for two weeks now and they are loving it. Xander's favorite friend is Nicole and he lights up every time you say her name. We are moving the second weekend of September. Just across the street though so our address is only changing by 3 numbers. We will be in a bigger, hopefully better place. Xander starts soccer that same weekend and Elijah will start T-ball the week after. Jared starts school today. He is taking physics, calculus, and Cisco systems. Anytime the phone rings Maxwell runs to answer it. He starts talking and when he is done he says bye and hangs up. I have a race anytime the phone rings to answer it before he hangs up. When I was in the shower my friend called a few times and he kept hanging up on her. She had asked if I was there and he said yes so she kept trying. Today is the day I am going to start packing. Yay. I had funny stories to share but I am at a loss now.
A religious endnote:
My friend Fe was baptized on the 12th of August. Her husband Bob will be baptized on the 26th. It is pretty neat to have friends getting baptized. I can honestly say they are totally happier, different people. It all started with me inviting Fe to a women's activity in May. They started going to church with me. Their daughter, Amira, loves it at church and her favorite song is, "I am a Child of God." It's odd because that song never resonated with me before but hearing it through new ears I realize how precious a truth it teaches. We sang it at Fe's baptism and Amira sang loudest. My gratitude for and testimony of the gospel have increased so much through the conversion process of my friends just as we are promised by the prophtets. I was held back by fears and judgement of their lifestyles for so long before I invited them. I didn't think badly of them, I was just worrying about all the things they would have to change or give up to be members. I forgot that none of that matters to the truly converted. I was not providing the opportunity for my friends to feel the love and safety a testimony of the gospel brings. I felt like I would be asking them to make all of these huge sacrifices forgetting that it would be the Lord requiring that of them and not any mortal. My advice to all of you is to simply invite. They may say no, but at least they will always know they are welcome. Your friends will not know they are welcome and invited to attend unless you speak up. When I finally invited the Becks, they said they had been interested but I had never invited them before. How sad is that. I could have invited them anytime over the last year but I waited. Don't wait with your friends. (I have known Bob for 2 years, 8 months and Fe for 2 years.) Sometime soon I will post pix from the baptisms but they will be after the pix of the children if you are interested.

August 8, 2006

Swim lessons are over. Elijah will start in level 4 next year. We've been going through some crazy times trying to figure out whether or not we are going to move or stay in our current place for the next year. We found a house but decided against it after our application went through. Yesterday Maxwell and I enjoyed our first day just the two of us. He even cleaned up of his own initiative and kept going until it was done.
Elijah and Xander started school yesterday. They are gone from 7:15 until 3:00 PM every weekday except Wednesday when they have a half day. They have been so excited and hyper about school they have had a hard time going to sleep the last two nights. Xander has the same teacher as Elijah did last year. Xander is also blessed with a student teacher for the first semester and a teacher aid the whole year through. Elijah is in a cooperative classroom environment. His teacher is Ms. Denton, but they also do large group instruction with another class, Ms. Critchett's. He will benefit from small group work, individual attention and large group instruction. The two classrooms are divided by a room divider which is open much of the time. Elijah has over 10 friends in his class from last year and even a friend from church that just started at Colina. He is a really lucky boy. At Meet the Teacher night, he was approached by a teacher that just moved down to the first grade that was really hoping Elijah was going to be in her class. It is great to have boys that teachers are excited about and enjoy being around.
We feel putting Xander in Kindergarten early was the best thing for him now. Their first homework consisted of filling up a "Get to know you" bag. One of the items was- Something that is important to you. Xander answered school immediately and drew a picture of a school to put in his bag. Jared and I spent a lot of time explaining to Xander that he would be the youngest and possibly the smallest in his class. All kids age five before August 31st are a part of open enrollment. Xander, with his birthday on December 11th, makes the exception enrollment by a mere two weeks. Based on his size and age, the school was planning on definitely not letting him in. When the teachers sat down with him for his evaluation they were amazed by his maturity and capacity. Although there are kids well over a year older than Xander in his class and twice his size there are also kids that are small like Xander.
Potty training Maxwell is moving right along. Yesterday he had zero accidents and initiated using the restroom every time. Hopefully we will have a second car by January and will be able to enroll him in preschool.
That's all for now. Happy Day! Delight in life!

July 21, 2006

Lots and lots to catch up on. Xander and Elijah are in Level 3 swim lessons now. Xander is back with Kade which makes him really happy. Maxwell is still in Level 1 as he has stopped using his arms to swim. He swims pretty fast and still manages to take breaths the only thing silly is that his arms are glued to his sides until he gets close to the side of the pool. One more week of swim lessons and one week of break and then school begins. Soon we should find out who the boys' teachers are and we go meet the teachers on August 3rd. All three of the boys are ready to get back into the routine of the school year. Grandma Landon is here visiting now and Grandpa Jensen was here until Wednesday, July 19th. Noah, my nephew, was baptized on July 15th--the day of his birthday. Noah wore a tux for his baptism. We had a lot of fun spending time with the Baileys and Carey's in-laws. We went over there for extended visits three times and each time on the way home my boys were asking when we could go back. Maxwell (and his brothers) got to play with a hose for the first time in their lives. Maxwell stayed out the longest, really enjoying the power and control of playing with the water. Elijah ate food that he never would have ate at home and informed me that mushrooms taste better at Carey's house.

On Wednesday, July 19th we went as a family to our first Diamondbacks baseball game. They were playing the Dodgers. It was a great game. Miguel Batista pitched his fourth career shutout. Orlando and Shawn Green, my favorite D'back, both got home runs. One of the Dodger pitchers got a balk, so I got to learn what that is. The Diamondbacks won 8-0. Newest D'back, Stephen Drew hit his first major league career triple and his first two doubles. Gonzo tied Ted Williams at 525 career doubles. Chase Field is light-years ahead of Busch Stadium which now seems very old to me. It has a retractable roof and air conditioning making it one of the best family activities in Phoenix.

Maxwell literally sat on the edge of his seat, completely still, with his glove on his left hand just taking it all in. That is the most still we have ever seen him in his whole entire life. He only got down twice- once to retrieve his glove he dropped and once to use the restroom (great progress on the potty-training front). He didn't eat all of his corn dog, all of his candy, or all of his popcorn. He didn't even finish his soda, although he was quite thirsty at the end of the game. All of those things were to distracting from the spectacle before him. He didn't cry even though he received a sizable blister on the back of his foot from too small shoes. If only he behaved like that at church my life would be a lot easier. Jared teased us saying next time he would just take Maxwell because Elijah and I talked too much and Xander wiggled too much.

Elijah had many questions and so I had many answers. Jared says you have to be quiet to watch the slow game of baseball something about missing the strategy and subtleties of the game. I informed him the strategy is to get more runs than the other team. Elijah's favorite part were the home runs. He and I went to retrieve the food and he ran circles around me while we waited in line.

Xander was hyper all day before the game because he was so excited to go. Xander's favorite part was the food. When he needed me to hold his corn dog- he stated, "Don't eat my corn dog." When I held his soda he said, "Don't drink my soda." When I took a few pieces of his popcorn he informed me, "Hey, that's my popcorn." It is silly because he is definitely not a big eater and holds food at such a low priority at home. Xander was upset and overtired when we got home. It was two hours past their bedtime. He said things like, "I told you I didn't want to go to the game. It took too long." He was angry because there were no books before bed. He got over it pretty quickly because the next day when we went to get Jared from work he kept asking, "Are we going to the baseball game?" and "Are we going to go see Basketball tonight?" Basketball is currently his favorite sport to watch. Maybe this winter we will buy a family pack to go see the Suns.

Now it is time to enjoy the visit of Jean. I love having extended family in town and hope my parents move here.

July 5, 2006

Every two weeks in swim lessons the boys get to go down the giant waterslides. On June 29th, Maxwell chose to go down by himself. (Both Elijah and Xander chose to go down with their teachers.) Maxwell was taking a long time coming out the other end so a teacher went down to investigate. Maxwell had used his arms and legs (spread-eagle) to pin himself in there. Apparently he enjoyed himself since he chose to go down a second time. Again he jammed himself inside the tunnel and again an instructor had to go get him. They came out backwards but he still had fun.

We went down to Tempe Town Lake last night for the fireworks. We meant to do more there, but it was so crazy Jared and the boys sat and saved us a spot on the lawn and I waited in line for 2 hours for food. We still had fun. Maxwell fell asleep during the show with his hands over his ears. He dove for me when the fireworks started. Xander was nervously looking for a place so he sat on Jared's lap. Elijah was fine with the noise but after 30 minutes said he was ready for the fireworks to be over. It was so hot, we were pouring sweat. It was sprinkling on the way to the car so it must have been pretty humid too. Last year we were spoiled by going to my downtown air-conditioned office and enjoying the fireworks without the noise. We got home at 11:00 PM. This morning I tried to wake the boys to drive Jared to work, but they were having none of it.

Still potty-training Maxwell. We have some successes and many failures. Such a process. We've had a few zero accident days but they were followed by zero success days. Such is life.

June 21, 2006

Elijah, Xander, and Maxwell have been in swim lessons for over two weeks now. Elijah moved up to Level 3, Xander is in Level 2, and Maxwell is in Level 1. Maxwell's first teacher was Miss Amy who has taught all of the boys now. He now has Billy who has also taught all of the boys. Maxwell thinks he swims as well as Elijah does. Elijah loves Level 3 because he gets to swim farther and go off the diving board every day. Xander wasn't too sure about his new teacher this week and was really missing Kade. It took him a few days to get used to the new teachers. Maxwell wasn't too sure about switching to a boy teacher. I think it has something to do with his super abilities of wrapping ladies around his finger. Elijah is now six. We went to Makutu's island for his birthday. We've been potty training Maxwell for a few weeks now since I finally finished my computer class. Potty training is my least favorite part of parenting. Xander starts Kindergarten this August and Elijah moves on to first grade.


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