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ILPs (Student Parent Teacher conferences) 8/14/12

I like the information given in ILPs, and the talking to the teachers. But my main reason to love ILPs is the extra days off. I spend some time with my fam, which doesn't come to easily in the school year. My dad gets work off Friday, which is even better for that extra day off. ILPs are starting to make me really happy.

My Family 8/14/12

My family is fun happy, and amazing. The youngest hasn't been born yet; my mom is pregnant. We don't know what gender it is. Next, going up, is Amelia. She is 17 months old and really mischievous. She messes with my homework and then cries when I pick her up and put her down somewhere else to stop her. All the more lovable it makes her. Max, is 8, and is used to being the baby of the family. He plays baseball and can get really annoying at times. Xander, is 10, and plays soccer. He likes to brag. About the sport he plays, how good he is at anything, even about his dad's car! Then I come next at age 12. I play baseball, and am really competitive. My mom probably doesn't want me to tell you her age, but she is really sick right now with pregnancy. My dad is last, but was born the same year as mom. He's athletic and loves sports. I love my family and would never ask for another.

Research Paper 8/14/12

I was having to do a research paper when I wrote this. I later learned this to be false.
I find the ability to actually write a research paper useless. Sure, the research is important, citing is important, but the paper writing is useless. When will we us the writing part out of school? Sure, you'll research, sure, you might cite, but when out of school will you write a paper or a writing with no I, we, you, us, our, your, them or they? Never I propose. And yet we still use this format at school. Why? I truly ask. I love the new knowledge from the research, but not the paper. Sure, you might write a research based essay, but you can use all the previous pronouns. All in all, research papers make me extremely mad.


This quarter for project group I'm learning about ancient Arizona. That made it so my literature book had something to do with ancient Arizona.that something was survival.My book is called Danger in the Desert, witch is about two boys who get captured and thrown into the desert and have to survive. Eventually, a plane sees them and gets help, though they were unconscious and took to the hospital by a helicopter. I finished my lit book.In math I'm currently talking about ordering decimals. In writing I'm talking about narrative writing.At recess I play bump out witch is weird because every time I get close to first,I'm first one out the next round.

Friendship 8/9/12

Friendship is what keeps humans happy. I look forward to seeing my friends after a long day of school. Friends help cheer each other up, even at the saddest of times. A good friend should trust their friend with most things never betray or make real, meant, mean comments about/to their friend. Most friendships end, but new ones begin. Alas, friends should be like brothers to us.

Random Things About Me 8/9/12

There are many random facts about me. One,for instance, is that I'd never eat if I didn't have to, the exception being if everyone was at the time. Another thing is that I love to play imaginative games. I feel as if this is more fun than any unorganized sports. I love baseball, and all other activities that are active. I think video games should be played at times when that is not available. I still think they're really fun. I love music and currently play the trombone. I like so many things, I don't know how I am going to decide what to do when I grow up. I could go on forever listing random facts about me, but I don't mean to write a novel.

my talk

this is my talk:
Hi, my name is Maxwell and I have a talk about keeping the Sabbath holy.Preparation is a key word in keeping the Sabbath day holy. While it may be possible for an individual to have a joyful, restful Sabbath without preparing ahead, today’s busy families may not be able to have the kind of Sabbath the Lord has prescribed if they wait until Sunday morning to prepare everything. They need to prepare some things the day before.For most families, Sabbath preparation includes such activities as cleaning and ironing Sunday clothes, finding matching socks, finding and polishing shoes, and locating individual scriptures ahead of time. President Spencer W. Kimball traveled throughout the Church, he was pleased when he found the Saints honoring the Sabbath day.Some ways we can keep the sabbath day holy is not to go shopping, go to church, don’t go to public, be modest,and don’t watch TV.President Kimball said “In a stake recently I interviewed a man for an important position in the stake reorganization.”.Isaiah 58:13 says: ¶If thou turn away thy foot from the sabbath, from doing thy pleasure on my holy day; and call the asabbath a delight, the holy of the Lord, honourable; and shalt honour him, not doing thine own ways, nor finding thine own pleasure, nor speaking thine own words.


The baseball season just started!!!!! I have a really good team, especially at batting.On my fist game,(scrimmage)I was outfield 3 times and third base 1 time. I batted twice, both strikeouts.I never pitched or cathed, so I wasn't at home base very often.I've had no real games,just a ton of practices.I hope I'll be able to pitch or catch sometime in the season!

Adolf Hitler/ The Holocaust 8/9/12

I was reading The Diary of Anne Frank when I wrote this entry:
The Holocaust is probably one of the cruelest things that has happened in 100 years. It leaves me questioning the humanity of Hitler. He had many talents, but misused them greatly. I think these misused talents helped him to surprisingly gain control with a democratic vote. That vote began a reign of terror. He killed so many innocent people, and yet still tied to excuse it by causing false anger. to think it all was just a terrible stereotype.

Jared Wants a Blog Entry

And it has been too long. We traveled a ton during the early summer. And we were super busy with company in between and pretty close to right after those trips. And I got prego sick before the last trip. And I am still prego sick, although not as bad as I have been. And I am super busy keeping a crazy toddler alive and keeping up with 4 boys' busy schedules.

Jean's passing was a horrible surprise that led to an emergency, leave town immediately for a week plus sort of trip. I am glad we were able to be there so quickly for Steph and Ross who had each gone through a horrible trauma.

We came back to town giving the boys 3 days of school to try to finish out their school year. Xander got a horrible grade in one of his non-core classes because his teachers couldn't or wouldn't come up with a way for him to make up the Summative that he was missing because of Hillary's wedding. That annoyed me because I gave them several months notice that he wasn't going to be at the Summative and Elijah's and Maxwell's teachers were able to come up with alternative activities for them to be graded on.

Hillary got married just in the nick of time. As of this school year with Elijah being in Secondary Education, and Arizona's weird attendance laws he can no longer miss a lot of school without failing, actually getting incompletes, in his classes. To me, that is kind of dumb.

Hillary's wedding and the week we spent up there were a lot of fun. Steph, Bryce and girls were there as well. Tom looked and acted way better than we were expecting with his open heart surgery recovery. It was fun to meet the twins, Olivia and Emilia, who are just a few months younger than Amelia. They are some cute girls. We got to swim at Mauner's house, had a BBQ at the park, got to go to a Fiddlesticks like place, did an afternoon of lazer tag, and ate out at Jared's favorite Modesto Mexican restaurant.

After that we drove down to San Diego to hang with Summer and kids for a few days. We have a hard time doing the drive to/from Modesto straight so on the way there we usually end up at a hotel and on the way back we try to hang at Summer's for a day or two. We got to go to the beach which was a blast. It was Amelia's first time in the ocean and she really enjoyed it. The boys always love it even when the water is way too cold for a sane person to enjoy.

After that we were home for a few weeks. My parents came in town to celebrate Elijah's Priesthood Ordination with us. Afterwards we had the Baileys and my parents over for a feast and a lot of fun. It was also Father's Day so we took some Father's Day themed pictures. Jared felt, and still feels like, his Father's Day was pushed aside. It was and I felt bad but life was crazy at that time and it was Elijah's birthday and his ordination too. Jared's a great father and we are super blessed to have him in our lives.

Next up for our busy, busy summer we had 4 of the Baileys stay Thursday- Monday. It was crazy busy and crazy fun. We had Noah, Seth, Brig and Lucy. Carey and Todd were celebrating their 20th wedding anniversary. For the weekend we got to see and feel what it would be like to have 8 kids. It would be exhausting in case you were wondering.

A few days after they left we again went to Utah for a week plus trip. This time to start sorting out the estate.

I am burnt out of writing so I am done for the day.


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