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Bailey's over

before our vacation, the Bailey's came over for five days. Jensen was in Utah, so I was sad that she wasn't there. They came over on Thursday at four, and left on Monday at 5:30. In that time I had fun in three main ways: minecraft, wrestling, and swimming. Minecraft is probably both families favorite video game. While they were here, I stayed up past my parents for the first time. I don't know why, but every time I get a new privilege, I always get a little nervous. It was only Noah and I who were still awake. The next thing, also with only Noah, was wrestling. I loved doing it with Noah because it was more challenging than with my brothers, as of they are younger than me and Noah is older than me. Lastly, swimming. We went swimming every day after 3:00. There was one day where there was doubt because of weather, but in the end we were able to swim.

I had a lot of fun in the 5 days that they slept over.

Day camp

Day camp was really fun.

There was bb guns, archery, swimming, crafting, a place where you did cowboy games, a little free time, a place where you did lots of different stuff, and an opening and closing ceremony. BB guns, archery,and swimming were the most fun things. In BB guns we got to shoot Grizzly BB guns. I got a lot of bulls-eyes and two or three exactly in the center. In archery I got 1 in the exact center and 5 bulls-eyes. In swimming we swam (obviously.)The place where we did cowboy games had lassoing one day, Kick the Can ,which is soccer with a can, and an obstacle course. The obstacle course was really fun and i passed everyone at least once.

I wish I could go again.

Future Vacation

We have had a crazy summ er and are about to go to our second unplanned vacation. A friend that is moving to Virginia that I was expecting never to see again, will be in Provo, Utah at the same time we are. My dad said I could see her at a park where we would meet. I am excited to see her again, but will be sad to have to say farewell again. The reason we are going to Utah was to do things with Grandma Landon's house and things. But why I'm excited is because of seeing my friend, vacation in itself is just fun, and I get to see some family.
I currently have to make Python programs to earn an hour of video game time. Although I'd rather not have to do it, I actually quite enjoy it. Xander keeps saying he will never get video game time, but when he had time to work on a chapter(they have to do chapters in a book for time on video games), all he did was type random things in. I think he just can't find enjoyment in it. When I did chapters, I think what motivated me to do it is the end product of each chapter.
The Bailey's were just over for 5 days, in which we played a lot. I never was able to complete my promise to Noah, that I'd beat him in wrestling. It doesn't help that he's 14 and can get his arm behind his back in front, taking my hand with it. We swam like every day, played a shared video game favorite even more, and just had fun. One day I stayed up to midnight playin the video game with Noah.
This is only few of many activities we will or had, this summer.


Camp was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the theme was western.we did BB, archery, swimming, den time, dinner, nature, cowboy fun, and opening and closing ceremonies. yee haw!!!!!!!

My heart is so heavy.

Well, the last few weeks have been a difficult to handle to say the least. The world feels emptier without Jean in it.

I can't sleep so I decided to write a blog entry. And on to other things:

Xander spilled water all over his backpack right before leaving for school so Jared and I were hurrying and helping him get everything changed over to a different backpack. There were sticks, rocks, including a super heavy one, glass, and broken glass because for some reason glass doesn't do well in bags with heavy rocks. This fit his personality so much and Jared and I had to have a good chuckle over it.

Amelia weaned herself about a month ago. It was crazy perfect. I was getting tired of the whole breastfeeding thing, but I committed to try letting her self wean until I could stand it no longer. I was getting ready to go buy her some bottles to try and help her wean, and then she just stopped. It only hurt for a few weeks.

Elijah loves having a mohawk. Yesterday he got tons of compliments from high schoolers when I had him go over to the school library to see what the boys still had out.

Today is the boys last day of school. Next school year Elijah will be in secondary education and Xander will be in the intermediate school. They are all growing too fast.

Elijah's first mutual crush is moving across the country this summer. He's sad. I'm relieved. He made her a bracelet on our most recent trip and she loved it.

Elijah was supposed to have his Priesthood Interview last night, but some sort of miscommunication made it so no Bishopric members showed up. This was frustrating since we have limited time, he had to miss Scouts for the appointment, I started working on this being in order back in April, and I was super busy last night. The kids even stayed up past ten. Oh well, Bishoprics are human too. The Bishop called late last night and asked if we could do it then, but it was just too much at that point so he promised to work it in in a few weeks.

One of my current favorite quotes is, "People aren't against you; they are for themselves." I think this serves as a bit of wisdom for our egocentric selves.

We were blessed yesterday. I think it is important to recognize blessings. We were going to list the Camry for sale when Jean passed away. We were going to have to wait a few more weeks because of the busyness of life and some young man knocked on the door asking if it was for sale. We ended up getting the amount we wanted at the very least for the car without putting in much effort. We don't have to deal with Craig's List people or meeting potential buyers anywhere in the valley. This helps with money to sink into the Suzuki to keep it running long enough until Jared can buy a jeep. And don't worry, we went to the bank, got everything notarized, were paid cash that we deposited immediately, notified the MVD, and removed the plates. We're like real adults or something.

Amelia did really well on her first road trip. She was a little whiny at Grandma's due to teething and the fact that she's a loner, but overall I was grateful for her behavior. On the way back we stopped for some disc golf in Page where she took a "swim" in the red, sandy dirt. We all had a lot of fun there. We arrived home safely in the middle of the night due to me driving the last few hours while Jared slept. We are grateful to dear neighbors who last minute took care of our house, pool, and mail and even left us a Take 'N Bake Pizza in the fridge.

Bree and Amelia were making friends by the end of our trip. Bree overwhelmed our shy, reclusive Amelia at first. Amelia doesn't do well generally with kids her same size/age-range. They take things and are more physical than she is used to dealing with. Bree wanted to hug and hold hands and Amelia wanted none of it. Amelia would then go up to Andie and hold hands. I think Andie who is bigger and more still was a little less intimidating for Amelia. The last few days of our trip, Amelia and Bree played well together and "conversed." It was fun.

We got to see Andie in her "Gait Trainer." It was awesome to see the joy she gets at independence and being free to move around. Andie still shows so much progress every time we see her. She seems to understand a lot and she gets a kick out of teasing her mom and asserting her own will. I love watching Steph with her two, very independent girls.

Daisy did really well around Crash and Cupcake. Hopefully she is over the whole anti-dog thing. She also did decently with Xena although Xena was pretty scarce for the week because of Daisy's presence.

And now the Miralax story: Steph and I were being pretty relaxed about Amelia and Bree sharing things like pacifiers, food, and sippy cups. Kids eat dirt and practically lick each other. A little while after Amelia had downed Bree's water, Steph remembered that she had put Miralax in it. What?!? This was Saturday evening. We were leaving Sunday morning. To say the least, Amelia was gassier and poopier than normal for the drive home. It was pretty funny.

Elijah's baseball team ended up in the Championship game and got second place. He was disappointed to miss it.

I also learned that planning a funeral is a lot harder than I ever thought it would be. It takes so much time and energy. And we haven't even started on the estate yet. Holy Schmoly!


Mom's Funeral Talk

Right now, I have no doubt that my mom is loving this. She’s looking down, seeing me at church, in a suit and tie, being reverent, addressing a congregation, etc.

Mom: I’m even wearing dress shoes. I did, however, bring the kid with the mohawk.

For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Jared Anderson, one of my mom’s 4 children, her only son, and #4 on her all time list of favorite children.

For those of you who didn’t know my mom, she was always the quietest person in the room with the loudest clothing.

She was also someone I could always count on to laugh at my jokes, even when she was at the butt end of them.

I love my mom. I’m proud of my mom. I admire her achievements, her strength & courage, her kindness, her loyalty, her thoughtfulness, her curiosity, her ambition, her love of fun, and -- above all else -- her love of family.

My mom had a wide range of interests and talents; she truly wanted it all. I’m filled with memories of her feeding her unquenchable curiosity by learning new software, taking voice lessons, piano lessons, decor, books, crafts, art, design, gadgets, quilting, start-ups, games, projects, or to summarize in her Ross’s terms: doh-dads.

But through her years of restless activity, and above all else, there was never any question in my mind as to what she valued the most: her family. One of my mom’s dearest friends recently blogged, “She adored her children and grandchildren. They were literally the light of her life.” I concur. Mom firmly instilled the importance of family in my soul.

Thank you for that, mom.

I was thinking about when it’s my turn in the casket and how I’d want my kids to feel about me; I hope it’s not much different than how I feel about my mom.

My stepdad Ross recently shared a story in which they were playing a game with friends. Each person was asked who they’d choose to be if they could choose anyone in the whole world. Everyone wrote down their answers and they had to guess whose answer was whose. My mom loved children, she loved making children smile, and she especially loved to spoil her kids and grandkids. My mom chose Santa Claus.

I’ll always remember the look on my wife Sara’s face at her first Christmas with the family. It was very similar to Ross’s face when he joined the family just a few years prior. I suppose if you’ve never seen Christmas presents fill an entire tree -- and the entire floor of the room leading up to the tree -- Christmas morning at my mom’s house would be quite shocking.

Elijah, my eldest son, says one of his funniest memories was when we spent the Christmas before last at Grandma’s house and Grandma had bought us so many presents that they couldn’t all fit in the car ride back to Arizona.

It could be very dangerous to open your mouth around a quiet, always-thinking, gift giver who has an affinity for gadgets. I once briefly expressed interest in the physics behind a pressure cooker. Guess what I got as a gift the following Christmas.

My wife Sara once laughed at an infomercial for some hair device called the inStyler; guess what came in the mail a short time later.

She saw Steph crushing pills for her children with the end of a butter knife. A special gadget soon followed.

Mom noticed Ross’s guitar was beginning to look a little beat down -- a new guitar soon followed.

3 position laptop table that easily and quickly stows under your couch with a push of a button: yep.

Not many people accused my mom of being practical. She hated giving practical, “boring” gifts.

My mom vowed to protect her kids from the feelings of deprivation, neglect, and lovelessness she felt as a child.

Mom didn’t talk too much about her childhood. I know her childhood was hard for her. I know she never felt like she belonged. She was deprived, abused, and neglected and her big, sensitive heart was hurt by it.

I also know she endured it. I know she made some peace with it and grew to better understand and respect her mom. She told me not long ago that one measurement of parental success is whether you protected your children from the pains and hardships you yourself experienced -- and whether you offered more stability, love, and opportunity than you yourself were offered. She went on to express gratitude to her mom for doing just that.

My mom shared some happy memories from her childhood. Apparently, my mom’s endless love for animals began when she was a child. She had many pet cats, dogs, chickens, pigs, a large iguana, a raccoon, and even once watched her mom try to nurse a wounded bat back to health.

By far the fondest memory my mom would tell was about popping popcorn, drinking Pepsi, and playing games with her mom and her brother Charles. These were such happy memories for her that, up until the day she died, Pepsi and popcorn were her go-to pick-me-ups.

I loved watching her interact with my Uncle Charles because it revealed an otherwise guarded side of her. I loved watching her play the role of protective and teasing big sister. Those two seemed to share a bond akin to the bonds shared by fellow trauma survivors. By the way she always talked about her brother Charles, it was always crystal clear to me how highly she thought of him.

She often expressed regret that life circumstances prevented her from developing the kind of relationship she would have like to have with her youngest brother, Steven. Nonetheless, her love and protective feelings revealed themselves whenever Steven came around.

From an outside standpoint, mom’s time in high school seemed normal. She was once runner-up to being the Snow Queen at her high school’s Snow Queen Dance. She graduated at the top of her class and was voted “Most Likely to Succeed.” Mom was extremely smart. She excelled academically and her teachers loved her. She was smart during a time and place when and where it was “uncool” for a girl to be smart.

Mom always seemed to go a little against the grain.

She also loved to play sports. She was Vice President of the Girl’s Athletic Association in high school. She described this program more as a glorified, after-school recess, but she happily took whatever opportunity she could get. I know she wished she would have had more opportunities.

My mom found great joy in providing her kids with many of the opportunities she felt she missed out on. She enjoyed watching us grow and succeed. She enrolled her kids in soccer, baseball, basketball, swimming, tennis, typing, and gymnastics.

During Stephanie’s successful soccer run, it was always the big family joke that mom was Stephanie’s one-woman-marching-band. We’d all get a laugh out of teasing mom by saying she’d follow Steph to every game, march around the field in team attire, and yell and root for Stephanie. She had such pride in being the Team Mom - even if it was an unofficial, self-appointed title.

She always talked so highly of all her children and her grandchildren. I was often intimidated by the reputation that had preceded me. We were so blessed to have such an advocate.

Despite her leadership roles in sports, and despite her academic success, mom felt out of place as a child. She described herself as being “extremely shy” and “socially backwards.” I think she harbored these feelings her whole life.

In high school, she fantasized of being voted “Most Popular” instead of “Most Likely to Succeed,” but the idea of being the center of attention terrified her. Mom was too afraid to come out of her shell.

When my parents met, my dad describes my mom as being really shy, really smart, and easy to talk to. My dad says he could tell she felt and thought very deeply. My dad found her quietness and thoughtfulness mysterious and intriguing. My mom found his extrovertedness and spontaneity exciting. Mom always wanted to be part of the action and she found a comfortable place NEAR the center of attention.

Looking back at all the time we spent as a family over the years, even long after my mom and dad split up, my mom was happy to do anything, anywhere, for however long just as long as she could be part of the action and near the center of attention. She loved to have a good time; she loved for us to sit around as a family, play games, watch sports, and light-heartedly tease each other.

My mom’s kindness was disarming. My dad recalls how she could make friends with the grumpiest, most eccentric people he’d ever met. When they were first starting out, they managed a retirement home in a rough part of San Francisco. My mom’s disarming kindness resulted in many otherwise grumpy, geriatric friends. When Jennie was born, their love for my mom extended to Jennie and Jen was blessed with a retirement home full of adoptive grandparents.

When my parents marriage ended, we moved to Utah to regroup. In the same year her marriage to my father ended, she also unexpectedly lost her youngest daughter. That was a very difficult year for everyone, but it was an especially trying time for my mom.

A few years back, I almost lost my leg in a motorcycle accident. The experience brought me such excruciating pain that it has forever changed my 1 to 10 pain scale that health care workers ask about. The pain was untreatable. Once, as I was laying in a hospital room with part of my leg here, part of it there, and part of it on the I-10 somewhere between Phoenix and Tempe, a young, orthopedic resident commented that I must not have a very high tolerance for pain.

How very astute for a 2-legged, twenty year old.

Similarly, anybody who saw my mom as weak and fragile -- especially during the year she divorced, lost her child, and relocated -- could not possibly fathom her pain scale.

I so admire her strength during this very difficult time, and I’m so proud of her and how she endured.

I know that her love for her surviving children, and the vow she made to protect us, is what got her through these hardest days.

Mom, thank you so much for that. I’m so proud of your efforts and how faithfully you lived by your vow -- you should be proud too.

Mom never completely conquered her pain, but with strength, endurance, ambition, and courage she learned to live on and flourish. Mom was amazing.

Her bravery didn’t stop at just survival. She slowly picked herself up, resumed her education, and earned an MBA from BYU just a few years later.

She soon after started her professional career and held a handful of jobs, but she particularly loved Marketing and she loved to be the “Office Mom.”

Even though my mom’s attention was divided between her professional life and her family life, there was never a doubt in my mind what was most important to her: her family.

I can’t count on both hands how many times she used her professional connections to help me and her loved ones find work.

Mom sought out jobs that provided her with the flexibility to be a mom first. She rarely, if ever, missed steph’s soccer games, the birth of a grandchild, graduation, baby blessings, baptisms, the opportunity to babysit -- you name it, she attended it.

She even completely reworked her upcoming summer vacation schedule so she could attend Elijah’s Priesthood ordinance coming up in just a few weeks.

Mom’s world revolved around family.

I must admit, one of the most awkward times in my life was watching my mom reenter the dating scene and doing all the silly things that come along with courtship. I wanted mom to move on and find happiness with another, but it sure was awkward watching it happen.

It was much more difficult for her than it was for me.

I once again find myself proud of her courage, strength, and determination. Here you have this sensitive, heart broken, “extremely shy,” “socially backwards,” middle aged women who, because of her shyness, only dated once in high school -- and only because “she had to” -- here she is returning to the dating scene with the baggage of 3 kids who thought they were American Idol judges and treated each suitor as a contestant.

No pressure, Mom.

My mom, who was always terrified by the prospect of coming out of her shell, did just that in the face of potential rejection and to the vocal embarrassment of her kids.

Mom, I never gave you enough credit for being so brave.

To illustrate just how much my mom had grown during this time, one of the first impressions she had on her husband Ross was one of “confidence.”

He also recalls her having a pretty smile, bright white teeth, and sparkling eyes that looked right through you. He described her as soft spoken, kind, thoughtful, feminine, spiritual, deep, poised, humble and confident. She dressed nicely and flamboyantly with colorful clothing and jewelry, extremely large earrings, and bright red lipstick.

Oh boy did mom finally come out of her shell!

Mom and Ross were best of friends before they married. I’m not sure what finally sealed the deal for Ross, but if I had to guess, I’d say when Mom gave Ross food.

Mom was a great cook.

My mom loved Ross’s kindness, his sense of humor, his faith, his patience, and his fun and adventurous spirit. She especially loved how he related to her kids.

Mom and Ross shared an exciting, adventurous, and active marriage. They enjoyed boating, biking, rollerblading, windsurfing, dancing, traveling, hiking, tennis, and socializing. Ross tells of their travels to fun, tropical places where my mom fearlessly fed wild monkeys, petted 600 pound snapping turtles, and cuddled with little lion cubs.

It must have been a bit overwhelming to join a family of 4, but Ross fit in perfectly. Ross got a taste of life as father figure - which I know was both sweet and sour - and he navigated it perfectly. Sorry about those rambunctious years, Flatnose.

Mom really struggled in the empty nest stage of life. The idea of growing old and brittle appalled her. She was a kid at heart and couldn’t come to peace with the idea of living a slower, quieter, more restful and solitary life. It hurt her to not be part of the daily action.

Mom battled depression her whole life; a downside to being a sensitive, deep thinking and deep feeling person. Sometime during the last few years, Mom lost her fighting spirit. She grew more depressed, tired, and unhealthy. I kept hoping and praying she’d rebound and find peace; I regret not being able to do more.

But this is not how I will remember my mom. I remember my mom as a kind-hearted fighter unafraid to try and do anything. I’ll remember all the fun times we had together.

Staying at Mom’s house this past week has been bitter sweet. I keep waiting for my mom to sneak back in the house after she had snuck out to run boring errands. She always planned her responsibilities around the fun so she wouldn’t miss out or disrupt it.

My mom’s personality is still scattered about the house -- from her impractical convertible in the garage to her wild, stray cat she rescued but became too emotional to complete the trip to animal control.

Mom’s got crafts, knick knacks, and decorations coming out of everywhere. There is no doubt that Mom loved things, and even though her house is loaded full of things, the grandkids are never afraid they’ll break anything. That’s because when they did, Grandma didn’t care. She loved happy kids far more than she loved her things.

My mom’s hobby room has spilled out from an upstairs office, into the hallway, to the stairs, down the stairs, behind the couch, and into the spare bedroom in the basement.

This crazy mess is tough to live with, but it just makes me smile. It’s the physical manifestation of my mom’s endless curiosity and her need for mental stimulation. She’d start one thing, figure it out, got bored, and moved on.

I do feel sorry for whoever has to clean it up. Steph?

Above all else, mom’s house is filled with decades of happy memories.

I want to express my deep gratitude to everyone for all the kind thoughts, prayers, and gestures offered to our family during this difficult time. Thank you so much for everything. I’m sure Ross has enough food to last him a few months.

Mom, I will always need you. You left us too soon and too abruptly. I pray for your peace and comfort and I can’t wait for our happy reunion.

You were right, mom. Now that you’re gone I even miss your really bad jokes.

I love you, mom.

Vacation is in my sights!

The boys only have 11 days of school left since they are missing the last week of school. I'm pretty excited and ready for summer break. The baseball season will be over May 26. Yay! The nice thing about when we are leaving is Jared will have a 4 day weekend the weekend before because of Memorial Day and the boys will have a 3 day weekend. This will really help us to get the house ready and us packed before we leave. Our last day here is pretty full with school, work, and a band concert. I'm going to add section labels to this post so you can skip around if you aren't interested in our mundane day to day stuff.

Jared was thinking of taking it off but remembered he has his last weigh in at work that day for their weight loss contest. The last week he has been doing the low carb thing and the weight is just flying off. I didn't think he had any weight to fly off.

I am doing reduced carb to see if cutting out gluten would help my skin. Unfortunately it takes 2-3 weeks to get all the gluten out of your system and then after that 6 weeks or more before obvious results. It's hard to stay patient with it because the hives are still driving me nuts and I want to think that I don't have a wheat or gluten allergy, because any food allergy is a really stinky allergy to have. It is easier than if it were a corn allergy though. Products generally mark whether they have wheat, dairy, soy, nuts, or peanuts in them or better yet they are marked Gluten Free, but corn is still a rare enough diagnosed allergy that many additives are derived from it without the product listing it. If wheat doesn't work, I will have to try corn. Sorry for boring you with the details but that is what I am personally doing right now.

After several partial drains and refills we finally got some of the pool numbers to manageable levels. We ran out of time for any more partial drains with the current 7 day forecast being above 100, but I am hopeful we will be better able to manage the pool this summer. I have been reading up and studying pool chemistry and balance for the last 10 months after we never successfully fixed a recurring algae problem. I learned that we should have never listened to the pool store guys. When we drained/refilled our pool after moving in 2+ years ago, the pool store guy told us to dump this whole large bottle of stabilizer into our 10,000 gallon pool. We didn't know anything about pool care and so we did. Stabilizer binds to the chlorine to slow down the speed the sun burns it up. Your chlorine level needs to be at least 2 or 3 ppm higher than the amount that binds to the CYA to kill contaminants. Our CYA was way above measurable levels. Somewhere over 200 ppm. If I ever had enough chlorine in the pool to kill off the algae it was purely by accident since pool stores tell you to keep the chlorine at 3-5 ppm regardless of CYA levels. We are still at double the recommended CYA, but since it is measurable it is okay because we know what our chlorine level needs to be. We just completed a shock which required maintaining the pool chlorine at 30 ppm. Jared busted his hiney cleaning up the landscaping around the pool and fixing the plumbing and the cement pad. Everything is working so much better now. Our pool is now open for the summer. YAY!

Today I had to start driving the boys to school again. I have been luxuriating in Jared taking the boys to school on his way to work. Today Jared starts his summer of 4 10's. We get to see and enjoy him on weekends. Xander felt sick this morning with weird symptoms so I sent him back to bed after taking motrin and drinking some water. I woke him up at 7 and he thought he felt better so he showered and then he felt worse again. I sent him to bed and woke Amelia up to take the other 2 to school. When I got back from that, Xander was up and eating and claiming he was all better. Amelia and I needed to eat breakfast so he had to wait for us after he finished getting ready. After that I called his orthopaedic surgeon. He keeps getting these weird, itchy bumps on his wound site where the bone came out. Today was the third time and it was a nickel sized pus filled blister. The other two times we thought they were bug bites because they were red itchy bumps.

I kept asking if he was sure that he was better and told him he could spend the day resting but he insisted on going to school. By the time we got there, he shockingly felt horrible again and wanted to go home. He didn't even want to sit up in the van and he wanted me to carry him in. So he's back for the day, sleeping in his bed and hopefully feeling better by tomorrow. Their principal is giving me a little bit of grief about them missing the last 6 days of school so him being sick isn't helping.

I haven't talked to the surgeon's office yet. I will be calling again tomorrow. I started having the gut feeling that Xander needed to see the dr after I got back at 4:14 from picking his brothers up at school. He'd had a bad headache all day, nausea, and a temp of 103 that wouldn't go down with motrin. I called and made an appointment for 5:30. (They have extended hours now; I love it!) Shortly after that Xander barfed up the whole day. He barfed up all the liquid he drank and even the cereal from that morning. So we were late to the dr because I had to clean it up. Xander after barfing and bathing felt a lot better and was telling me he no longer needed to go to the dr. We had to go since it was too late to cancel and I thought he should still go. The dr surprised me by checking for strep even though Xander had no sore throat or redness. The rapid test came back positive. The dr was going to treat with antibiotics regardless because of the unrelated blister that had disappeared earlier in the day. He has strongly suspected strep since it is going around. So my day has been a lot more adventurous and tiring than I planned when I started this entry at 6:30 am.

There's a lot more going on so I will hopefully find time to post more this week. Don't count on it though because Xander is a challenging sick person and Amelia, unfortunately, drank out of his cup today. She might as well have licked his face. Amelia also threw a 45 minute fit today that would put any 2 year old to shame. She is seriously advanced for her age.


My baseball team is amazing and could beat every team, but we hardly come out playing our best or never finish the game off. We have 3 All-Stars, a soccer player(speed), and just very good players. We have lost a lot because of the above reasons. We have 11 players and 3 lefties, two of which were All-Stars. Baseball is my favorite thing to do other than family activities.

I will now add to the list of Amelia's craziness:
1. She once(today) threw her food as if feeding Daisy and then picked it up later and ate it.
2. She just now climbed into Daisy's crate and picked up a ball, is shutting door on herself.
3. She shakes her whole body while stuck in her car seat.
4. Some foods she'll only eat if we're eating it too. e.g. asparagus.
5. She doesn't usually cry when she falls, but bursts into tears if anyone takes something from her.
6. She played a piano in the middle of sacrament meeting.


Ameila is so crazy! These are some things she does:
1)She looks into the mirror that's leaning on the wall and laughs!
2)She laughs when we laugh!
3)She gets on our bellies when we're laying down and bounces!
4)She randomly yells out surprise!

By the way, I typed this on a "new" used computer and we have 15 others just like it.

12 reasons why Ameia is insane

Amelia is crazy because;
1- She starts playing recorder at random times
2- Says surprise whenever we say shh because it's from her favourite book
3- All dogs are Daisy
4- Refuses to say m, she won't say Maxwell, Mom, or Amelia.
5- Throws food everywhere while we are saying prayer.
6- Uses Daisy as a stepping stool onto the couch.
7- Starts screaming every time we don't let her feed the dog.
8- Follows Daisy around when Daisy is trying to get away from her.
9- Sits on Daisy.
10- Likes to climb on our chairs and go through the armrest when she is to big for it.
11- Likes her trike so much when we get her off she tries to get back on and starts to cry
12- Laughs whenever she is about to get into mischief or we're chasing her.


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11/28/2016 8:40am
Ivy Declared that food chicken is not the same as animal chicken. No really, it isn't. Animal chicken says bawk bawk ; food chicken does not.
11/11/2016 1:56pm
Amelia Arizona Cardinals shirt too. Out of the mouth of babes.
11/08/2016 4:30pm
Amelia Is a genius. She asked if I could make sure we got her a new Arizona Diamondbacks shirt when we are in AZ for Thanksgiving. I think dad will
11/08/2016 4:29pm
Amelia Is "training" Boo to be her police dog.
11/02/2016 8:56am
Sara RT @charliedemers: Who you going to believe, women who claim they were groped, or a man who says he gropes women? It's a real "he & she bot…
10/13/2016 8:23pm
Amelia Giddy over this picture. "Mom I feel soooooo happy."
09/30/2016 1:44pm
Amelia Colored a picture, wrote I love you on it, gave it to an older boy at ChickFilA. Boy weirded out. Parents had him give AAA colored thank you
09/30/2016 10:48am
Sara We should rejoice that God's grace is sufficient for the weakest among us. We are all weak in His sight. #chooselove
09/11/2016 11:27am
Amelia Part of why she wants to be a police is because they wear a cool blue shirt. #shebleedsblue
08/25/2016 9:20pm
Ivy Was over the top excited for her turn to meet the teacher, check out her school, and play in her classroom. Was upset when it was time to go
08/25/2016 9:19pm
Amelia Wants to be K-9 police when she grows up. #lifegoals
08/25/2016 9:17pm
Sara I want to hear more ideas at the presidential debates. 2 party debates are about keeping the power for the same two parties. #LetGaryDebate
08/19/2016 8:30am
Ivy Busted out with an, "i'm so gorgeous and I'm so cute," at bedtime out of nowhere. She's definitely not hurting for confidence.
08/07/2016 8:33pm

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