10 days of vacation

We've been on vacation since a week from last Friday. We woke up at 4:45 am to leave. We got to the Russon's house at about 12 hours later. Amelia loves seeing Bree, and had been talking about going to Ootah to see Bree and Friendly Tigers who won't bite her. We went to the Bean's Museum(A BYU museum with stuffed animal skins) the next day. There Amelia saw a stuffed tiger, thus making that the Friendly Tiger that doesn't bite her. She and Bree walked around holding hands, which was really cute. On Sunday, I accidentally went to the class below mine instead of mine. I'm glad that we went to all three hours of church. We went and played at the park, which was fun. Monday was when we went to the Jensen Family Reunion. I was glad to see Brynja for the second time this year(Since we celebrated her birthday/New Years Eve together), since I don't normally see her that often. We enjoyed playing games together with the family we don't normally get to see. One of the days for the evening devotional, the entire family was gathered together for it, Aunt Carey asked me experiences I've had in the temple. I had just been impressed on how much I love all my family, and how glad I am to be able to see them, and how much I don't want to lose them. I am so glad that I've been sealed to them all of them indirectly. Aunt Carey mentioned on how they were like my own personal helpers to become the best I could be, which makes me think of the Children's song "The Family is of God". I'm so happy I was able to grow closer to my extended family. The worst part of that family reunion was having to say goodbye at the end of it on Thursday. We went back to the Russon's house, where we got to see Brooke as well as the Russons. On Friday we watched the girls so that Mom and Dad could go to the temple. We didn't really do much that day, but we did stay up late and played XBox, which was fun. The next was my dad's birthday. We went to my Great Aunt Annette's house for waffles, and Aunt Annette watched the girls as we went and played laser tag, which I loved. We went to a restaurant, ate a little more than our fill, and then went home to rest. We went disc golf, which was when Xander climbed a barbed wire fence to retrieve his disc. The only reason he got cut was because right after dad said "Now don't just dropped down", he dd exactly that. Urgent care visit. After we had pizza for BDay dinner, I helped try to get Amelia to sleep, which took until about midnight, and then ate some Pizookie. On Sunday we went for the first two hours of Grandpa Ross's church, then home. Played Halo for a bit(Which I am way better at than my brothers). Went to the canyon and roasted hot dogs and made S'mores. When we got home, we played a family soccer game, which the teams were supposed to be Brooke, Dad, and I against Max, Uncle Bryce, and Aunt Stes. But I'm not quite sure what team Max was playing for. We had a really enjoyable time, despite hardly being able to see the ball. Then we had to pack, and say goodbye, which is always sad. All in all, vacation was wonderful because I got to see my family.

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