My baseball team is amazing and could beat every team, but we hardly come out playing our best or never finish the game off. We have 3 All-Stars, a soccer player(speed), and just very good players. We have lost a lot because of the above reasons. We have 11 players and 3 lefties, two of which were All-Stars. Baseball is my favorite thing to do other than family activities.

I will now add to the list of Amelia's craziness:
1. She once(today) threw her food as if feeding Daisy and then picked it up later and ate it.
2. She just now climbed into Daisy's crate and picked up a ball, is shutting door on herself.
3. She shakes her whole body while stuck in her car seat.
4. Some foods she'll only eat if we're eating it too. e.g. asparagus.
5. She doesn't usually cry when she falls, but bursts into tears if anyone takes something from her.
6. She played a piano in the middle of sacrament meeting.

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