Common Sensical Rules for playing Football

Common Sensical rules:
1.Only tackle on grass and soft surfaces
2.Have bounds beforehand
3.Don't play on sewer irrigated fields while they're still muddy
Now we all know there are hard ways and easy ways to learn things.
Rule 4.Try to learn things the easy way.
Yesterday I was playing football with my friends and brothers(see where we're going?). We went to the park instead of playing on the street. So we walk over and set the bounds without scouting them out. My brother's team punts it, and stops us right away. My team starts the next play, and I run to get open into mud. I say we should find new bounds and we do. I receive the punt, then am stopped. I catch a pass, start running, and run into super slippery mud. I slip, while the defenders hop away or keep their balance. So I'm all muddy. And guess what. That fields sewer irrigated. I rush home to change and shower. Then we play on the street. Much better.

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