The Cultural Celebration

The cultural celebration has been one of the most spiritual experiences in my life. This was a true once in a lifetime opportunity, and I'd never want to miss it. Even if I got to participate in another one, it definitely wouldn't be the same. Most of it was unexpected.

The spiritual parts in preparing for it:
When I had just barely heard about this, it definitely didn't excite me. Actually, it did quite the opposite. I did not want to do this. Nearing the Cultural Celebration though, I began to realize how much of a blessing it was to be able to do this. At that point, It would of been hard to get me not to go and participate.

The spiritual parts before the cultural celebration:
While waiting for the prophet, we had to stand out in the mud as it was raining. It was coming down really hard, and we all were soaked literally within seconds. We were out there waiting, and some of us were singing. No one was complaining. A girl from my ward had dislocated her hip. She couldn't come right away with us, but later she came. Just how determined she was to get here and preform, when she had every reason not to. Also, as we were all trying to huddle under ponchos and such, just to get out of the cold rain(We were already soaked to the bone), some complete strangers offered for the three of us from the same ward to come under the poncho they were holding up. This struck me as...well just amazing, because where else would that happen? Where else would that not be seen as weird? The ability to let down necessary boundaries such as that, because of our religion, and our cause, is just truly phenomenal. We were all in high spirits, though chilled to the bone and soaked.

The spiritual parts during the cultural celebration:
As President Monson walked in, the rain at least slowed, maybe stopped. Seeing the prophet had its own warmth and power. The same as when President Eyring started talking. Also, I am told, when my region started dancing. As we were singing The Army of Helaman/As Sisters in Zion, I felt the power of the words we were singing. That gave e a testimony about those words. I am going on a mission. Also, sometime during the celebration, I had to leave the field. As soon as I left, I realized it was colder, and it was raining harder, away from the festivities. This made me know that God was protecting us. During a lot of it, I say some kids that probably had motor problems out there participating in this wonderful event. I felt like cheering for those kids right then and there. These kids endured through trials I couldn't even imagine to be there and preform.

As soon as we were done, a lot of us started to feel the cold and wet. Yet, most of us were still smiling. The next day, the Andersons sat down with the Baileys, and gave our testimonies of our experience. Aunt Carey recounted being touched by a kid's Title of Liberty that said "I love God". I was touched by a story from Jacob. His seminary class were giving testimonies, and one student told about how during the rehearsal, she saw a kid that had no hair. She went over and talked to him. He had cancer, and the doctor's said that he would die this summer. The girl replied with "That sucks," and the boy responded with something like "I don't care. As long as I get to dance for the prophet, I'll be happy." Aunt Carey also said how the costumes, music, and everything, were all there just to give glory to God. Now I say with all my heart, Hallelujah to our God, our families, the new temple, and all of our many blessings. I bear this testimony in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

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When we step up and follow

When we step up and follow the righteous requests of our leaders, we are blessed for sure. There have been times in my life when I was asked to do something that didn't sound that great but just like you, I came to understand the value of following the prophet. You will be a powerful missionary Elijah. I love you.

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