Free Verse

A Free Verse is a poem with no set rhyme scheme, syllable amount or topic. Basically you can do whatever you want.

Warning: This is not for the faint of heart, I wouldn't even include it if my mom hadn't made me.

Fear strikes my heart
paralyzing my muscles
Blood drips from my heart
most of my family are dead
I feel like I fell off the Grand Canyon
hopelessness and despair have clutched my heart
never have I felt such despair
when the knife spun
deftly thrown
into each of the hearts
of all I had known.
Now blood pools in front of me
four others killed I am to join them
wrenching the knife out of my heart,
and in a final act of valour
throw it at the murderer
who ended four lives
who catches the blade
and ends one more
my sister
her face slowly grows white
the knife that killed us drenched in blood
her limbs become limp, her breathing stops
her eyes glaze over and the house is still
my ragged breathing the only noise
I have no energy left to crawl
the sun dimmed, though midday
my sister is dead, why am I still here
I’ve lost all hope
the life of the survivor is worse than death
left without love
joy or a will to live
I feel it coming
probably wishful thought
why is life so short interpetation
what a terrible way to die
drowned in my families blood
the blood splattered walls are like they were painted so
I’m losing focus and train of thought
what did I do to deserve this
I didn’t even eat breakfast
this was such a great 12th birthday
or was it my birthday
an ambulance comes, sirens faint
in their hands I join my family
and five becomes six, I’m almost relieved

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