Future Vacation

We have had a crazy summ er and are about to go to our second unplanned vacation. A friend that is moving to Virginia that I was expecting never to see again, will be in Provo, Utah at the same time we are. My dad said I could see her at a park where we would meet. I am excited to see her again, but will be sad to have to say farewell again. The reason we are going to Utah was to do things with Grandma Landon's house and things. But why I'm excited is because of seeing my friend, vacation in itself is just fun, and I get to see some family.
I currently have to make Python programs to earn an hour of video game time. Although I'd rather not have to do it, I actually quite enjoy it. Xander keeps saying he will never get video game time, but when he had time to work on a chapter(they have to do chapters in a book for time on video games), all he did was type random things in. I think he just can't find enjoyment in it. When I did chapters, I think what motivated me to do it is the end product of each chapter.
The Bailey's were just over for 5 days, in which we played a lot. I never was able to complete my promise to Noah, that I'd beat him in wrestling. It doesn't help that he's 14 and can get his arm behind his back in front, taking my hand with it. We swam like every day, played a shared video game favorite even more, and just had fun. One day I stayed up to midnight playin the video game with Noah.
This is only few of many activities we will or had, this summer.

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