Yesterday one of our friends passed away. It was an unexpected, sudden death even though we knew she was sick. She had colon cancer and when she was diagnosed during her routine colonoscopy it was already stage four. She was currently on another round of chemo/radiation and she got a secondary infection which took her rapidly. She didn't seem weak or close to death the last time we saw her which wasn't that long ago. Jared, the girls and I went over to see her right before her current round started. My girls loved her and immediately felt comfortable in her house. They basically took over. We talked for a bit and Jared helped her with some technical issues. She provided Jared and Amelia with all the pizza they could eat. She has always been so generous and kind to us. She planned Jared's work baby shower before Amelia was born. She celebrated our children and enjoyed seeing the pictures of our day to day life. Basically yesterday morning Jared was told she had days to live, was sent home from the hospital, wasn't up for direct communication or visitors and by 8 in the evening she was gone. Jared had the thought when we were at her house and leaving that this could be the last time we see her alive. I know death is part of the plan and something that we all have to do, but I am still going to miss her even though she wasn't a daily part of my life. We have a green, fuzzy baby blanket from her that always brings my thoughts to her when I pick it up or hand it to one of the girls. My heart hurts for her daughter and husband. She will be missed.

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