My baptism weekend

My baptism weekend was awesome! I liked all the food including the treats, g-ma and g-pa Anderson,g-ma and g-pa Jensen,g-ma and g-pa Landon and aunt Stes and uncle Bryce over. Playing games and sports with each other like disk golf was really fun.Everything was great! I feel great! I can barely name everyone that came! Totally awesome! The best part was the awesome baptism and the awesome confirmation. I think it's really special to be baptized from your dad. Everything wasn't just great everything was really great.when I got out of the water and after the confirmation I felt really special.I liked going disk golf and going to Ihop with g-ma and g-pa Anderson. Thanks everyone for coming. ..



Your baptism day was a very special for me as well. I am very proud of you and the good boy you are. I can't wait to see you again. I love you.

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