My Family 8/14/12

My family is fun happy, and amazing. The youngest hasn't been born yet; my mom is pregnant. We don't know what gender it is. Next, going up, is Amelia. She is 17 months old and really mischievous. She messes with my homework and then cries when I pick her up and put her down somewhere else to stop her. All the more lovable it makes her. Max, is 8, and is used to being the baby of the family. He plays baseball and can get really annoying at times. Xander, is 10, and plays soccer. He likes to brag. About the sport he plays, how good he is at anything, even about his dad's car! Then I come next at age 12. I play baseball, and am really competitive. My mom probably doesn't want me to tell you her age, but she is really sick right now with pregnancy. My dad is last, but was born the same year as mom. He's athletic and loves sports. I love my family and would never ask for another.

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