My Spring Break So Far

I get a 2 week spring break and so I'm about halfway through. On Monday we played the Baileys, first at Tumbleweed Park, then at their house. At Tumbeleweed I climbed one of the big rocks with my Brothers and Seth, which is relatively hard and really fun to do. Then I walked around with Amelia, in which I learned she likes to play on the ladder things that look like a bunch of c's stacked on top of each other. She loves to hang supported with only a little weight on her feet, most of it on her hands, hanging from the second from the bottom, curved rung. After that Jenny and I looked for the other end of speaking tubes, that have a cone shaped reciever/message giver. They go underground, so finding the other end is extremely hard. Then Jenny and I climbed the rocks some more then we had to go to their house. A their house, while waiting for lunch, most of us played Uno. Then we got to eat some smoothies first, went out back to eat waremelon slices. After we ate them I went back to play Uno with Noah and Jenny, while waiting for Grilled Cheeses and spaghetti sauce. After eating that, which was delicious, I played Skyline on the computer, then Smash Bros on the Wii. Then we played Poison ball, a game on the Trampoline that you have a/some ball(s) on it and are trying not to get hit. In between playing that we played the Obstacle Course Game, in which one person sets up an obstacle course for everyone to get through. We had bedroom things to work with.
Then we went back home, we played with Quin a little, then went to Max's baseball scrimmage, Which all the boys in the Anderson fam got to play in, since Max's team was short players. We went home, watched the movie Kung Fu Dunk for a little, then bed.

I woke up in the morning ate, read, then got ready for the day. We played with Quin the whole day, in which we played Kickball, Whiffle Ball, and Wall ball. Also all of us got sunburned, and saw a Great Horned Owl.

Yesterday I went shooting Xander's BeBe gun, with the Fam, read, and played outside. That was pretty much it, we were shooting for a long time.
The End.

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