Ode to Baseball

An ode is a poem normally using hyperbole to praise something the writer loves. I did mine on baseball.

Baseball O! Baseball
With second at your heart
Pumping arms and swinging bats
Dirt then grass then dirt then grass then dirt then grass again.
Three strikes, three outs, then nine innings
Wooden, Metal and Compound bats
what would I do without you
200, 300, and 400 feet
Your quarter circle,
the diamond to run around,
people are drawn to you
in rain, sun, day or night.
Like a beacon, America's light
Baseballs are blurs as they fly.
I'll run your bases, water your grass
Rake your dirt, brush your plate
polish bats, buy overpriced baseballs
Just to play your wonderful, wonderful, amazing game.

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This makes me smile! Although

This makes me smile! Although when your Grandpa Jensen played for Ricks College, we had some games with me sitting in the stands, dressed in the warmest clothes I had, shivering and sitting under an umbrella while the snow fell. Baseball can be played in a snowstorm too :) AND those of us who are true fans are there.

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