Random Things About Me 8/9/12

There are many random facts about me. One,for instance, is that I'd never eat if I didn't have to, the exception being if everyone was at the time. Another thing is that I love to play imaginative games. I feel as if this is more fun than any unorganized sports. I love baseball, and all other activities that are active. I think video games should be played at times when that is not available. I still think they're really fun. I love music and currently play the trombone. I like so many things, I don't know how I am going to decide what to do when I grow up. I could go on forever listing random facts about me, but I don't mean to write a novel.


Video Game Part

The part where I state where video games should only be played when the active fun isn't available, I meant to say not as much as outdoor, or when active activities are unreasonable.

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