Hi, my name is maxwell and my talk is about serving god with all my heart might mind and this months liahona it says what this is.

One day at recess, Madison saw a girl who was crying because someone had said something mean to her. Madison felt bad for the girl and walked over to comfort her. “Would you like to play with me?” she asked the girl.
That day, Madison served with her heart. She followed the example of Left:
Jesus Christ and showed love to someone in need. We can show our love for Heavenly Father by serving others with our heart, our might, our mind, and our strength.We can serve with our whole selves!
How do we serve with our heart? We can serve with our heart by showing love and kindness to others. We care about what others need. When we serve cheerfully, we are serving with our heart.
How do we serve with our mind? We can serve with our mind by thinking of ways to help others. When we see needs of those around us and think about what we could do to help, we are serving with our mind.
How do we serve with our might and strength? Serving with our might and strength could be doing chores and working hard to help others. We can often bless and serve older people by doing things that are hard for them to do.
also, in a very old talk by Bruce R. Mcconkie he says:
The doctrine of the priesthood is known only by personal revelation. It comes,line upon line and precept upon precept, by the power of the Holy Ghost to those who love and serve God with all their heart, might, mind, and strength.

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