Yesterday I got back from a 10 day vacation. On vacation we did a lot of things, like playing tag and pool at the reunion and going to BYU and the Bean Museum. We played a lot of things at the family reunion with lots of movies and games. I got second place in poker and in the ping-pong tournament. On the last day of the reunion we all had an assignment to clean up . Our family had to vacuum all of the lower floor. I had to vacuum a lot of the lower floor which was the most boring part of the reunion. After that we went back to the Russons' House . Brooke was there when we got there for her soccer camp. The rest of the day we chilled out and talked for the rest of the day. The next day I slept in 'til 1:15 PM so we really didn't do anything. My parents were at the temple when I woke up and didn't get back for a while. The next day we did a lot because it was my dad's birthday. First we went to my Aunt Annette's and had waffles, then we played laser tag which I suck at with 12th place twice in a row. Next we had lunch at Burger Supreme, last We went to go disc golf at a park where I ended up going to urgent care after.

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