Weekend Homework 8/26/12

This weekend is my first weekend with real homework. I don't count this because this could be avoided, but the having it is annoying. I have weekend homework because I am a procrastinater. I planned to have two journal entries done by now, but here I am with three journal entries to write. I don't think you ever have weekend homework that is unavoidable, because of the block schedule. I could do weekend homework assigned on Friday on Monday night, but there's my incurable procrastination. The only thing keeping me from doing that is being bored after-school when at the the library.

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Perhaps procrastination is

Perhaps procrastination is not "incurable" but "do awayable." How's that for a new word? Make a new decision! This was a great post for me Elijah. - I am going to make a new decision to get things done in a timely manner :)

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