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Beaver High Adventure Base

A couple weeks ago, I went to a camp for four days up in Utah. My whole teachers quorum was accompanied by the First Councilor in the Bishopric, and Enoch, an 18 year old about to leave on his mission. The drive was long, but fun. There was one part that it was storming so hard we probably should have stopped, but we didn't. We drove on even though we could barely see 100 feet, and we're all okay. On the way up, I got challenged to finish Harry Potter:The Deathly Hallows by the time we got back(I did it easily).

10 days of vacation

We've been on vacation since a week from last Friday. We woke up at 4:45 am to leave. We got to the Russon's house at about 12 hours later. Amelia loves seeing Bree, and had been talking about going to Ootah to see Bree and Friendly Tigers who won't bite her. We went to the Bean's Museum(A BYU museum with stuffed animal skins) the next day. There Amelia saw a stuffed tiger, thus making that the Friendly Tiger that doesn't bite her. She and Bree walked around holding hands, which was really cute. On Sunday, I accidentally went to the class below mine instead of mine.


A while ago my family and I had the opportunity to be sealed in the temple. I love my family, and I am really glad I get to be with them for eternity. The Gilbert Temple is beautiful, and I am glad I was sealed in that temple. I have a testimony that I will be with my family for the rest of eternity. Words can't describe how wonderfully happy this makes me. We had to wait for a bit in another room, and managed to calm Ivy down after leaving Mom. But once we were back at the altar, and she saw Mom, she wanted to hold her and nothing else, so she starting crying.


This is my parody of American Pie by Dan Mclean

This happened in days past
I still have a scar from the path that
took me for a fateful ride
that changed all my friend’s life’s tides
and it was all caused by a little walk

Yet I did somehow survive it
and going through life bit by bit
I could never forget
and never will I forget

I chanced upon a forest path
to suffer fate’s desperate wrath
yet something caused me to feel bliss
walking the path most missed

Free Verse

A Free Verse is a poem with no set rhyme scheme, syllable amount or topic. Basically you can do whatever you want.

Warning: This is not for the faint of heart, I wouldn't even include it if my mom hadn't made me.


An Epitaph is a short message written upon a gravestone.


Found Poem

A Found Poem is when you take lines, phrases or words from a book and make it into a poem with a different meaning.

From Shakespeare Stealer

pg:15 Revealing the ornate handle of his rapier
pg:19 he reached for me and I ducked
pg:29 I smiled slightly
pg:84 blades clashed
pg:95 It was not too late to care
pg:97 he fingered his dagger
pg:155 up to his old tricks
pg:159 bleeding heads
pg:160 Death had taken a man
pg:215 It was as bitter as gall


Blood and broken bones
A skiing trip has gone wrong
when he jumped the cliff

This is a Haiku because the only requirements is that it is about a seasonal activity(skiing) and has the syllable pattern 5-7-5

A Normal Day at School 8/26/12

I wake up at 6:00 am, and get ready. I don't have a specific order I do except I always eat last. I get done at about 6:40 am. I then clean, do homework, or play until 7;20 am, and then my dad takes us to school. I arrive at 7:30 to 7:40. I drop off my instrument on silver days, and then wait until 7:45 Then the doors open and I enter and hang out with my friends. At 7:55 I go into my classroom. School ends at 2:30 pm, where I wait at the library until 3:30 pm. Then I walk to where I get picked up by Mom. I then have an afternoon snack.

Weekend Homework 8/26/12

This weekend is my first weekend with real homework. I don't count this because this could be avoided, but the having it is annoying. I have weekend homework because I am a procrastinater. I planned to have two journal entries done by now, but here I am with three journal entries to write. I don't think you ever have weekend homework that is unavoidable, because of the block schedule. I could do weekend homework assigned on Friday on Monday night, but there's my incurable procrastination. The only thing keeping me from doing that is being bored after-school when at the the library.

School 8/21/12

I love school. I love to learn with new friends, or sometimes old friends. I love to be taught by nice teachers, and all of my teachers are nice.I love science and math, especially. If I can't be a baseball player, I want to be a scientist. You need to do math in science. Back on topic, my classes are, in order, Algrebra 2, Concert Band, English Honors, Lifetime Fitness, Honors Social Studies, Honors Science, and Integrated Studies. The days seems so short with this block schedule I love!!

These Journal Entries. 8/21/12

I'm able to write the entries, I just can't figure out what to write about. I love to write, but can never figure out what to write about. I like telling what's going on in my life, but that's hard when you're writing quickly whatever pops into your head so you can get this done because of a silly power outage!! I am going to try and plan my journal entries better this time.

ILPs (Student Parent Teacher conferences) 8/14/12

I like the information given in ILPs, and the talking to the teachers. But my main reason to love ILPs is the extra days off. I spend some time with my fam, which doesn't come to easily in the school year. My dad gets work off Friday, which is even better for that extra day off. ILPs are starting to make me really happy.

My Family 8/14/12

My family is fun happy, and amazing. The youngest hasn't been born yet; my mom is pregnant. We don't know what gender it is. Next, going up, is Amelia. She is 17 months old and really mischievous. She messes with my homework and then cries when I pick her up and put her down somewhere else to stop her. All the more lovable it makes her. Max, is 8, and is used to being the baby of the family. He plays baseball and can get really annoying at times. Xander, is 10, and plays soccer. He likes to brag. About the sport he plays, how good he is at anything, even about his dad's car!

Friendship 8/9/12

Friendship is what keeps humans happy. I look forward to seeing my friends after a long day of school. Friends help cheer each other up, even at the saddest of times. A good friend should trust their friend with most things never betray or make real, meant, mean comments about/to their friend. Most friendships end, but new ones begin. Alas, friends should be like brothers to us.

Random Things About Me 8/9/12

There are many random facts about me. One,for instance, is that I'd never eat if I didn't have to, the exception being if everyone was at the time. Another thing is that I love to play imaginative games. I feel as if this is more fun than any unorganized sports. I love baseball, and all other activities that are active. I think video games should be played at times when that is not available. I still think they're really fun. I love music and currently play the trombone. I like so many things, I don't know how I am going to decide what to do when I grow up.

Adolf Hitler/ The Holocaust 8/9/12

I was reading The Diary of Anne Frank when I wrote this entry:
The Holocaust is probably one of the cruelest things that has happened in 100 years. It leaves me questioning the humanity of Hitler. He had many talents, but misused them greatly. I think these misused talents helped him to surprisingly gain control with a democratic vote. That vote began a reign of terror. He killed so many innocent people, and yet still tied to excuse it by causing false anger. to think it all was just a terrible stereotype.

Bailey's over

before our vacation, the Bailey's came over for five days. Jensen was in Utah, so I was sad that she wasn't there. They came over on Thursday at four, and left on Monday at 5:30. In that time I had fun in three main ways: minecraft, wrestling, and swimming. Minecraft is probably both families favorite video game. While they were here, I stayed up past my parents for the first time. I don't know why, but every time I get a new privilege, I always get a little nervous. It was only Noah and I who were still awake. The next thing, also with only Noah, was wrestling.

Future Vacation

We have had a crazy summ er and are about to go to our second unplanned vacation. A friend that is moving to Virginia that I was expecting never to see again, will be in Provo, Utah at the same time we are. My dad said I could see her at a park where we would meet. I am excited to see her again, but will be sad to have to say farewell again. The reason we are going to Utah was to do things with Grandma Landon's house and things. But why I'm excited is because of seeing my friend, vacation in itself is just fun, and I get to see some family.


My baseball team is amazing and could beat every team, but we hardly come out playing our best or never finish the game off. We have 3 All-Stars, a soccer player(speed), and just very good players. We have lost a lot because of the above reasons. We have 11 players and 3 lefties, two of which were All-Stars. Baseball is my favorite thing to do other than family activities.

I will now add to the list of Amelia's craziness:
1. She once(today) threw her food as if feeding Daisy and then picked it up later and ate it.

My Spring Break So Far

I get a 2 week spring break and so I'm about halfway through. On Monday we played the Baileys, first at Tumbleweed Park, then at their house. At Tumbeleweed I climbed one of the big rocks with my Brothers and Seth, which is relatively hard and really fun to do. Then I walked around with Amelia, in which I learned she likes to play on the ladder things that look like a bunch of c's stacked on top of each other. She loves to hang supported with only a little weight on her feet, most of it on her hands, hanging from the second from the bottom, curved rung.


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