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I left for camp on the 23, on one of those nice buses with a bathroom. It was a 2 hour bus ride, up to Prescott. My dad came, and so it was even more fun than for other kids. When we got there, we had free time in our cabins, but mainly to unpack. Then we went to the Newell Center, the campsite's multi purpose room. We learned about the rules, and that's all. Then we made an inflatable room out of plastic. After we ate lunch, I did a hike where each member had to hold the same rope, which was challenging because it kept breaking.


I auditioned for the Performing Arts Exhibit, a talent show for musical students. A girl named Brigit accompanied me on the piano, while I played my trombone. We preformed "The Royal March of the Lion" by Camille Saint-Saens. It is played Allegro, fast. It reminds me of someone who is fighting for a long time then finally succeeds. It is rhythmic with a steady beat. It is a very loud song, and repeats sections but louder. i found out that I made it on Friday the 10th, and will be preforming the Thursday after then.


On Christmas I got a lot of fun presents. From Grandma and pa Landon the three of us got a flip video camera and the ripstick that Xander broke his arm on(which he could of broken his arm like that walking.) From Grandma and pa Jensen we go this fun game called Zooleretto, whereas you're trying to make a zoo. From the Russons we got family Yahtzee, a home-made Yahtzee game using pictures of our family. From Grandma and pa Anderson We each got a 50 dollar gift card to use for what we each want. The order I wrote it in is the order I remembered them, not the order I like them.

Xander's Broken Arm

This is how everything started. At the park, we were going to play a ripstick dodgeball game that dad made up whereas if you get hit you give the ripstick to who hit you, or if you fall off dodging the ball. Our park has a sidewalk surrounding the entire thing and through the middle twice in different locations the basketball court is almost immediately surrounded(three of four sides are touching) by on section of space. Xander goes around the long way to play the game on the basketball court and goes behind a bush.

My summitive, band concert and Thanksgiving

During project group this year we learned about castles and medieval technology. We made catapults, castles and a coat of arms(a shield w/ symbols to represent something, in my case our kingdom). At summative we talked about the different attack forms and necessities of a castle. I talked about attacking with fire, and about the buildings inside a castle. Afterward, we talked with just our parents. My coat of arms is a Pheonix(fire bird) holding two swords in its talons, and a flaming olive branch in its beak.

Essay about family event

Thanksgiving Festivities

Have you ever had a good old thanksgiving feast? Well I do almost every year. The only difference? There's no turkey! Well, there is sort of. We have a turducken, a turkey stuffed with a duck stuffed with a chicken. The celebration, Baileys' house and excitement are still in my head.

My Band Concert, School so Far, Reading, Friends, and scouts.

My thirty minute band concert consisted of 1.)warm up 2.) main songs. The main songs were Arabian Dream, William Tell Overture, and Raiders March. Arabian Dream is an Arabian song, so the flutes and cymbals are emphasised. William Tell Overture is a cowboy like song that many would recognise as the Lone Rangers riding a horse theme song. Raiders March is a march that most people know from Raiders of the Lost Ark, as Indy's "theme". I am surprised that it took anywhere near to 30 minutes.


Xander is sick, and has been since Saturday.He has a head cold. His body seems to have a clock that says "It's someone's birthday/birthday celebration-time to get sick!" He's been sick for a lot of birthdays. On Saturday we were celebrating my dad's birthday(Tomorrow). He's missed Cub Scout Day Camp, and Max is there instead. He just took his temperature and it was 100.5. It's been 103, so he is getting better. I hope it doesn't come back.

Sister, after birth

Amelia Anne Anderson was born 11:50 am, March 18. 2011. She weighed 8 Lbs 3 oz, being 20.5 inches long. It's been 2 days since she was born, and Amelia and my mom are finally coming home! Amelia likes to squeak, and has her eyes open unless she is very tired. She has a lot of brown hair , or at least I think it is brown. I love that she doesn't cry as much as other babies, and she almost always seems happy. She is ticklish at her belly, I don't know why. For me, she is just lovely.


My sister is due March 22. I do not know if I can wait that long. We still don't have a for sure name, but we have a idea. The baby is going to have enough clothes to last her for a while. She has a crib, a changing table, a stroller, a rocker, and a high chair. When she is born we will be ready with everything but diapers and wipes. We have bottles, pacifiers, nail clippers, and combs. She has shoes, swim suits, and swim diapers. She even has toys! She might have other stuff, but this is all I know she has.

Star Spangled Banner

I just finished practising my Trombone. What was I practising? The Star Spangled Banner. I'm trying to master it before the end of the school year. I started it a few weeks ago, and I am familiar with it. I still have not mastered it, but I'm determined to. It takes a lot of breath, being able to play high and low notes, and a beat. I was excited to start my goal, and will be excited to end it. I'll write another blog entry when I master it, but I won't do just one topic.


For two days now, it has been raining. Not that I'm complaining. I like to play in the rain. The only problem is, I not allowed to play in the rain. I've been missing it since monsoon season. My neighbour, Quin, my brothers, and I all like to play in the rain, especially storms. Tomorrow is presidents day and I am excited to play with my family. My dad is still sleeping, and it's almost one o' clock, because the storm isn't really a loud one. I hope my mom let's me play outside with Quin today, this storm wouldn't be the worse we've been in! The rain has stopped now, I hope it comes back.

Super bowl cookies

Last week I made my first cookies for the super bowl. They were great,and we finished them three days after. Here's the recipe I used:

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Grease cookie sheets. Stir together 1 cup all purpose flour, three tablespoons unsweetened cocoa, 1 teaspoon baking powder, 1/2 teaspoon salt, and 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon; set aside.

My Vacation

my vacation was great. I actually experienced Netflix fully for the first time. In a less than months time I watched two seasons of the animated last airbender,for Christmas I got a nerf machine gun, madden and the last airbender. those aren't all gifts just the ones i can think of off the top of my head. my mom got netflix a express ready set go
and a microplane cheese grater. my grandma landon said i was more excited about the ready set go than my mom my vacation was one of the best.

School Starts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

School is finally back!Here's my schedule:
advisory with ms. cochrane 8-8:15
language and tech with ms. Zurn 8:20-10:10
pre-algebra with ms. cochrane 10:15 - 11:10
science/social studies mr. skaggs/mr. fleming 11:15-11:55
lunch-recess 11:55 -12:30
P.E. with mrs. Graeber 12:35 - 1:25
band with ms. sewell 1:30 - 2:15
project group with ms. cochrane 2:15 - 3:15

School supply shopping

This week we went school supply shopping. we only missed 2 things. I'm excited about having to get a awesome binder. I am also excited about getting a flashdrive. I'll like using it whatever we use it for. while school supply shopping once i saw a thing to make you be able to make plastic targets separate. I asked my mom how it worked. all she said is "it doesn't work like you think it doe." I don't usually think those super working. I really can't wait for sixth grade.

the baileys come over

On thursday the baileys came over. we played torpedo tag, marco pollo and life gaurd while swimming. While playing wii we played new super mario bros wii .

torpedo tag is a game you play with toypedos. you try to hit other people with a toypedo and not get hit. when you get hit you get a point. the winer is determined by who has the least points. you can catch the toypedo with your hands only.

Phoenix art museum

Yesterday I went to the Phoenix art museum with my family. I really liked the firefly room. The lights kind of look like stars that change colors. I really like Monet's flowering arches. It looks really familiar because of his well known painting. The tree that changes seasons is spectacular. I watched it from fall to fall. If you live in or visit Arizona you should go there.

My Faith in God poem

One of my faith in God requirements was to create a poem about the creation.This is it.

Heavenly Father made the earth,
Without him, there couldn't be birth
He separated darkness and light
Without him, there couldn't be sight
He made the animals, land, and sea
Without him we couldn't be
He created night and day
keeping up with no pay
He created all the plants
without him there'd be no pants
he made the sun stars and moon
He would be done really soon
he created summer, winter, fall, and spring
Without him who knows what may would bring
Then on the seventh day he rested

fall break

this fall break ends tomorrow,here is what i did. we went to pecos and hangar park. went to mcdonalds.we went to where the wild things are with our cousins.then we went to our same cousins house and had pizza. last but not least had baseball stuff

Aunt Carey

Yesterday we had a awesome suprise visit for everyone. even the parents didn't know about our visit. we played tag and it came to pass. we ate pizza like it was all planned. but it started with us looking at houses and my mom having to go pee.

My talk

this is my talk. hi I've been asked to give a talk about strengthening families. Ways we can help strengthen families are: by leading F.H.E. or family prayer. We can also: sing primary songs, not fight, or be obedient. a thing our family does together is being sealed to each other in the temple. here are some pictures of the temple.If you keep the sabbath day holy you will be blessed with a strong family. in Exodus 20:8-11 it reads Remember the sabbath day, to keep it holy.Six days shalt thou labour, and do all thy work:

A good Habit

I think most of you know this but i totally love reading. Yesterday i started and finished 5 books:2 picture books 1 called duckrabbit 1 called chicken cheeks, 1 early reader book called star wars the clone wars Yoda in action, a small colored picture chapter book called star wars the clone wars Bombad Jedi,and Deltora dragons #2.altogether that equals over 250 maybe over 300 pages in one day. today i started and almost finished (158 pages) Deltora dragons #3 within 2 hours. if you see this Aunt Carey or anyone else that can please show Jacob and tell him to call me.


during vacation i had a blast. at the beach my favorite thing to do is boogey boarding. in Idaho i enjoyed a club i made/joined. at utah my favorite part was my birthday party. In AZ my favorite part of course was meteor crater.

Hot Apple Salad

-Peanut Butter

Take the apples and cut
them into very small pieces.
(Should be about the size of a pea)
Put them in a microwavable bowl.
Put some peanut butter in.Stir. After
a while microwave for 7 secs. Then
rip up the bread and put it in.Enjoy!

I invented Hot Apple Salad

My hero poem

I,m a hero
that cant do flame-o
I saved the day
way before may
first i did ice
to the rice
then i did laser
to the paver
then i threw a pizza slice
at the mice
i threw the pail
into jail
took a pose
to the hose
who cut a nose
oh that hose
I'm a a hero
thats not a zero

Secrets of Droon

I love the Secrets of Droon.I like that there is three people that came to Droon and got\find out their powers.The many characters I know are the three who discovered Droon: Neal, Eric, and Julie. The people that lived in Droon are: Princess Keeah, Queen Relna, King Zello, Galen, Max and Urik. They are good. Sparr Ko and the ninns are evil. You should read it.


food from Oragenos is good. the pizza there are big.then after you can get a big cookie with ice cream on top.i wish i could go there every day.atleast i went there yesterday.


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