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stockings to do

it's the day before the day of Christmas eve we still haven't put up our stockings yet.our walls can't be fixed when we put nails in them. dad and I say we could tape the stockings up.I hope that works!

Christmas songs

I wish you a merry Christmas. Silent Night. Jingle bells. Ruldolph the red nosed reindeer.Christmas bells are ringing.I bet I could keep on listing and listing. Mary's lullaby. By the way how many Christmas songs are there? In primary we are learning many Christmas songs.


On a December Sunday I tied my own tie.The only thing I have trouble with is size. I've mastered everything else easily. My dad taught me how.I hope you liked my Blog!


Yesterday we were at Souper!Salad!.They only had small pepperoni pizza. I took three of them. Dad said I could take the pepperonis off and he would eat them. I took them of and said "I hope there's no hidden ones" remembering a day at Colina.They only had pepperoni pizza that day for lunch. I took one.Then I took all the pepperonis off. Or so I thought.There were hidden ones.


Me, Xander, Max, and dad were out practicing soccer. When me and Xander were playing 1 vs. 1 I got the ball right on the goal line were I score. It was on the goal line so if it was tapped lightly it would go in. At that time Xander was way behind me. Then I said "Xander come and get it". When Xander was very close I tapped the ball. "Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!"Xander screamed.

fantastic sams

A few weeks ago (When I didn't have a blog) Xander wanted to have a haircut from Fantastic Sams but the girl that my mom likes to use for us moved. The people there said they were horrible at cowlicks. Xander,me and Max have a lot of cowlicks.So Xander didn't get a haircut.


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