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our life here in Utah

When you open up Anderson Planet it says under the logo "our crazy world". Sadly, that is exactly right at this point in life. Living in a relatives house has it's fun times, but also has some disadvantages. I'm ready for a place to live but it might not be any time soon. I hope it's soon.


our vacation was ten days. We went to aunt Stephanies's house for 2 days, then to a family reunion for 4 days, then back to my aunts house for 4 more days. I had a lot of fun at the family reunion. I played pool, ping pong, bump out, and a lot of other fun games.At my aunts house we went to byu and provo canyon. I also got to see how to train your dragon 2. vacation was awesome.

day camp

day camp was 3 days, from 3:00 PM to 10:30 PM. I made a kite, a copper whistle, a pulley system, a catapult, a wood play sword, and a 2D sailboat. I did BB shooting, archery a swim test, swim, arts and crafts, STEM (science, tech, engineering, and math), a obstacle coarse, volleyball, and a relay water race.


I got to get sealed in the temple a while ago. it was awesome. I felt the spirit while i got sealed and after. although most of the time i was waiting, i still enjoyed it.


Hi, my name is maxwell and my talk is about serving god with all my heart might mind and this months liahona it says what this is.


Hi, I'm going to talk about prophets telling us to pay tithing. First, in conference. President Joseph F. Smith, in speaking on the law of tithing from this very pulpit at the October conference in 1897, said:


At school I go by the entrance and sit criss cross wait 15 minutes till they let us in. I talk to my friends about normal things that friends talk about. I see a grasshopper crawl under me. 5 seconds later I look under myself , jump, and scream something nobody understands. Some people see what it actually is and jump up too. IT WAS A SCORPION! Somebody throws a book at it knocking off its tail. Some don't notice ad keep sitting. Eventually, the teacher comes and kills it. I almost got stung. Luckily, nobody did.

football damage and NFL

Yesterday, I was playing football. I had a lot of good catches, but the last try wasn't very good because I broke or jammed my finger or something.Ever since, I haven't been able to do a couple things.That includes doing the kitchen.
The cards are amazingly undefeated!Yesterday they won 24 to 21 with a amazing winning field goal that was 56 yards or something in overtime against the dolphins.They've played the patriots,dolphins,Seahawks, and the eagles.


This quarter for project group I'm learning about ancient Arizona. That made it so my literature book had something to do with ancient Arizona.that something was survival.My book is called Danger in the Desert, witch is about two boys who get captured and thrown into the desert and have to survive. Eventually, a plane sees them and gets help, though they were unconscious and took to the hospital by a helicopter. I finished my lit book.In math I'm currently talking about ordering decimals.


The baseball season just started!!!!! I have a really good team, especially at batting.On my fist game,(scrimmage)I was outfield 3 times and third base 1 time. I batted twice, both strikeouts.I never pitched or cathed, so I wasn't at home base very often.I've had no real games,just a ton of practices.I hope I'll be able to pitch or catch sometime in the season!


Camp was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the theme was western.we did BB, archery, swimming, den time, dinner, nature, cowboy fun, and opening and closing ceremonies. yee haw!!!!!!!


Ameila is so crazy! These are some things she does:
1)She looks into the mirror that's leaning on the wall and laughs!
2)She laughs when we laugh!
3)She gets on our bellies when we're laying down and bounces!
4)She randomly yells out surprise!

By the way, I typed this on a "new" used computer and we have 15 others just like it.


Brothers are awesome! My brothers (are) helpful, stupendous, awesome, cool, nice, good brothers ,great ,amazing ,fun to play with ,funny ,good at the trombone (1 of them) ,good at the recorder ,crazy ,love nature , respectful,persevere , honest ,true ,benevolent ,like sports ,tough ,love pizza ,good at disk golf ,good at archery ,good at BB gun ,good drawers ,talented ,good workers ,love playing outside ,and all of the good stuff you could imagine!

Primary Talk

this is my talk.
Hi,my name is Maxwell and I am going to talk about how God speaks through living Prophets.

God speaks through a prophet today just as He did in the past. The prophet—President Thomas S. Monson—teaches you what Heavenly Father wants you to know and do and become. You are blessed when you listen to and follow the prophet. President Monson’s directions help us become more like Jesus Christ.
There is a song called We Listen to a Prophet’s Voice which says:We listen to a prophet’s voice and hear the Savior too.

Amelia the craziest baby

Amelia is so crazy! This is a list of things she does that are crazy .
1. Plays the recorder!
2.eats dog food! (well at least tries to but we're always there)
3. loves Daisy so much she tackles her!
4.just randomly takes a seat on you!
5. gives her food to Daisy to to test if it's edible!
6. takes batteries out of the charger!
7. dances to music!
That is a list of things she does that are crazy.

school and tryouts.

At school I am learning about pioneers in project group. I've learned about maps and routes then I'm learning about the parts of a wagon. In math, I'm learning 3 digit by 1 digit multiplication. In writing, I'm learning about parts of a paragraph. Last, I'm learning about the main idea in reading.

At baseball tryouts I didn't make it but I know I tried my best. I was the second to last person there, plus they had to move some people to coach pitch.

Making use of wind up toys

We've been Making use of wind up toys by battling each other by taking books and setting up a stadium and taking the wind up toys and trying to knock off the other person's wind up toy. If you don't have enough big books for the battlefield you can just use DVD's. It's really fun so go buy some wind up toys right now!

I'm a Student Ambassador and this quarter

Student Ambassador is a responsibility that certain students are given at my school. They show the new or thinking about going to HCLC families around the school. The reason it makes me happy is that you have to be a good leader and get good grades to become one. This quarter is also exciting, because I have three field trips. One to ASU to use their facilities, another to the Phoenix Zoo to do a scavenger hunt, and the last, but best, my camp. My camp is located in Prescott, and we do a zip line, and a lot of other fun activities.

Christmas woo! + eve =D

For Christmas Eve we made gingerbread houses. For Christmas we got lots of presents.
Here are some of the presents the whole family and I got for Christmas
family: ripstick, family Yahtzee, cuties (seedless Oranges), and the game Zoolereto
Me:pogo stick, 50$ gift card, Christmas decoration, finger puppet, stickers, Pirate fluxx (a game), and false moustaches.I go ripsticking a lot, and now that Xander broke his arm, I always wear wrist guards. we play all these games a lot though we've never played family Yahtzee. we have lots of fun with these things.

Something new

Something new is in the house. Xander has a broken arm,and this is the story.

One day Xander was riding the ripstick around the park. When he was behind the bushes he was about to fall off so he jumped off then slipped on something and fell on his arm.Then yelled "get mom get mom I think I broke my wrist"and had to walk all the way home.Then he rode in a Ambulance Chandler Reigonal and was transferred to Phoenix Children's Hospital and in the ER.

The End

Summative and stuff

My summative rocked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was taught about culture,Wamponoags, trade, taxes, and government of conflict.
I'm reading The indian in the cuboard. I'm at the part where the Indian and the cowboy are fighting.
The Andersons went to the Baileys for Thanksgiving + Xanders b-day.Both of them were fun and the b-day one we got to see Jake get the preistoid.

My baptism weekend

My baptism weekend was awesome! I liked all the food including the treats, g-ma and g-pa Anderson,g-ma and g-pa Jensen,g-ma and g-pa Landon and aunt Stes and uncle Bryce over. Playing games and sports with each other like disk golf was really fun.Everything was great! I feel great! I can barely name everyone that came! Totally awesome! The best part was the awesome baptism and the awesome confirmation. I think it's really special to be baptized from your dad.


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