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Yesterday one of our friends passed away. It was an unexpected, sudden death even though we knew she was sick. She had colon cancer and when she was diagnosed during her routine colonoscopy it was already stage four. She was currently on another round of chemo/radiation and she got a secondary infection which took her rapidly. She didn't seem weak or close to death the last time we saw her which wasn't that long ago. Jared, the girls and I went over to see her right before her current round started. My girls loved her and immediately felt comfortable in her house. They basically took over.

Something to erase that last blog entry from my focus.

We have a lot more regular trials than that previous list. Those are just the biggies plus we have one more big one that we can't really talk about that might turn out to be the biggest. The way I'm handling stuff right now is to take it one moment at a time. I don't focus too far on what I have to do in the future and just do what I can until I am worn out. Also, I am being mindful of the amazing good in my life. I have a great family. I love my kids and I love my husband. My baby turned 1 a month ago and my toddler turns 3 on Tuesday. Those are my bonus babes.

My Crazy Life

To say our life has been eventful is an understatement. I don't like to complain or to come off as complaining and my attitude is generally positive with a bit of overwhelmed in there. We are definitely having to rely on the Lord which is a good thing. There is just too much that we can't fix or handle and we are just along for the ride.

Back on the wagon maybe???

Who knows? Jared wants me to start blogging again, but my life seems so crazy full and busy. Sometimes I feel like I am the Center of the Universe for 6 individuals who all believe that they should individually be the center of my universe. I wouldn't trade it for anything but it keeps me away from blogging, and sleeping, and showering, and sometimes eating. In order to survive motherhood you have to let go. In order to blog I have to let even more slide than normal. Shortly after Ivy's birth, 6 weeks to be exact, I was called to be the 2nd counselor in the Primary Presidency.


It has been a rough week for Jared. February 26 is Tiffany's birthday. Tiffany is his sister who died as a toddler. Every year on this date he would contact his mom. This year he was missing both of them. On Thursday, February 28, he received a message while at pack meeting that his Uncle Charles had passed away. Uncle Charles was Jean's younger brother who lived near Kansas City. Jean adored him. I was fond of him even though we had only met 3 times during Jared's and my marriage. I only met his 3 sons once.

Madeline Ivy Jean Anderson

Ivy's first name is Madeline with a long i, but we are calling her Ivy and expect everyone else to do the same. Madeline has always been one of my favorite names, but we avoided it because it is one of those names that people pronounce 2 ways. Madeline is also a little bit of a big name for a baby or child and since there is already a Maddy in the family we wouldn't shorten it that way. This is why she has the name Ivy. Ivy is a name that seems a bit young for a professional or an adult and it didn't have any good long names for us to take it from. That is why she has the name Madeline.

Ode to my mom

My mom is pretty great. She was able to get here on February 2 in the evening before Ivy's Sunday delivery. She has been able and willing to come and help out for most of my babies' births which has been great. I was so relieved to have her here. If she wouldn't have been able to come, Jared wouldn't have been able to hang at the hospital as much as I wanted him to. Amelia was definitely a high maintenance, anxiety ridden mess with my being gone, but I had comfort knowing Amelia was safe at home with my mom. My mom cooked, cleaned, shopped, and managed the hectic schedules of my family.

Final Birth Story

Now that I've had my sweet little baby Ivy for 12 days I have time to write about the delivery.

Because of the caesarean I can't do much. No twisting, no lifting, no driving, no dishwasher loading/emptying, etc. Hopefully after my doctor on Monday I will get cleared for some more normal activities. So that leaves me with time to type. Except Ivy has decided to start squeaking and wiggling now that I have gotten out my computer.

Labor & Delivery & Beyond

This is a lengthy one that you might want to skip. Basically this really is for our family history. Also, if you are Hillary and you haven't given birth yet you shouldn't read this. Or really anyone that hasn't given birth but plans to in the future. I did leave out many of the scarier, TMI details, but I think it is still too much for a woman planning on having a baby.

Hell Week

I lovingly refer to the last few weeks of every quarter as Hell weeks. The 2 weeks before Winter Break are probably the most hellish. We go to the school 5 nights during this time. We have the Ward Christmas Party and Cub Pack Meeting. We did the Temple Lights with the Baileys and I did Handel's Messiah with Maxwell. And we have to sufficiently celebrate Xander's birthday in a non-Christmasy way.

Handel's Messiah

Sunday night our Stake hosted their annual Handel's Messiah with orchestra, soloists, and audience sing along for the choruses. I have always wanted to go, both of our last two Stakes have held similar events and both of our last 2 Stakes have enormous musical talent. I never went before now because of time, babies, or having no one in the family that wants to go with me. A few weeks ago we forgot Maxwell's Team Pizza Party and he was hugely disappointed. I felt really bad and Jared and I promised to find a way to make it up to him.

Stinks for Xander

Today I took Xander to the podiatrist. Unfortunately for him I was right about the problem and even worse I was right about the treatment. He is not supposed to run or jump or do any activities with heel pounding for a long while. He can't play sports in the spring. He is supposed to wear shoes around the house. He got special inserts today for his shoes and will get fitted for orthotics in 3 weeks. So basically Mr. Active can't participate in recess, P.E. etc for the foreseeable future. He wasn't happy about it.


Holy Schmoly. Elijah leaves me out of breath and exhausted. The kid is way over scheduled. But it is of his own doing. We talk to him about what he can drop when he is feeling worn out and he is unwilling to give up anything. He loves band, baseball, scouts, church responsibilities, and taking all honors classes. Tonight he has his last practice. Thank heavens. Thursday is his first tournament game.


Xander's band career may be short lived. In 1 1/2 quarters he has lost his music book, $20 to replace; a music stand that attaches to his bells, $20 to replace; a mallet which his band instructor hooked him up with a replacement for and now he has lost his practice pad that will cost me about $40 to replace. I am still hopeful that he will find his practice pad and am giving until Friday for it to be found. I am just grateful that he has one of the cheaper rental instruments. If he loses one more thing, he will have to drop band and switch to Spanish or choir.

Well Crap

I accidentally erased my so far very long blog entry. That sucks. Things don't write well twice generally but I guess I will try. That is really annoying. Amelia is obviously not very patient with me "working" on the computer. So let's see how far I get now.


Maxwell's Finger

I was surprised it wasn't broken, so was the doctor. It is very swollen and bruised from the tip into the hand. The thing the doctor said about surgery in a month is that if the finger is still bothering Maxwell in a month we need to see a hand specialist to get his ligaments checked out. All of this took 4 1/2 hours at Urgent Care to find out.

I have decided to bubble wrap the kids until they turn 18.

Jared Wants a Blog Entry

And it has been too long. We traveled a ton during the early summer. And we were super busy with company in between and pretty close to right after those trips. And I got prego sick before the last trip. And I am still prego sick, although not as bad as I have been. And I am super busy keeping a crazy toddler alive and keeping up with 4 boys' busy schedules.

Jean's passing was a horrible surprise that led to an emergency, leave town immediately for a week plus sort of trip. I am glad we were able to be there so quickly for Steph and Ross who had each gone through a horrible trauma.

Vacation is in my sights!

The boys only have 11 days of school left since they are missing the last week of school. I'm pretty excited and ready for summer break. The baseball season will be over May 26. Yay! The nice thing about when we are leaving is Jared will have a 4 day weekend the weekend before because of Memorial Day and the boys will have a 3 day weekend. This will really help us to get the house ready and us packed before we leave. Our last day here is pretty full with school, work, and a band concert.

How it Goes

This while has been awesome crazy. Amelia's currently napping and we have to leave in 20 minutes to get the boys. She doesn't nap every day any more although she definitely still needs it. She is like her brothers and dad in that holding still long enough to fall asleep is excruciating.

Elijah's Ordination

It is crazy that I already have to think about this, but my baby is nearly 12. Elijah will be ordained on his birthday/Father's Day, June 17. Our church is 9 am - noon. Following church we will host a luncheon at our house for every one who comes to the ordination. If you don't make it to the ordination and have what I deem to be a good excuse you are invited to the luncheon. This is enough forewarning though so I don't expect many good excuses. Elijah will understand not coming for those of you who live out of state. We know it has been a hectic year.

I've got 15 minutes so here goes . . .

Sports season is upon us. More specifically baseball season is smothering us. I love that my kids play baseball (well, at least 2 of them), but baseball is overwhelming. The schedule is different every week, games take 2-3 hours and Elijah's practices take 2 hours. Maxwell's team isn't practicing during the season for the most part so there is some relief.

Now Where Were We

Life is full and good. It is the end of another school quarter and because of Elijah's camp we only have 2 summatives. Last week we had Elijah's band concert. Maxwell's Summative is tonight and it is about pioneers. Xander's Summative is Wednesday and it is about geology.

Why yes, I am one of those moms.

Amelia woke up this morning, sat up, saw Jared and said, "Dad. Hello da-da." It was odd but completely recognizable.

Currently Daisy and her are enjoying their symbiotic relationship. Amelia is in her high chair sharing most of her eggs with Daisy. She drops food down and peers over the side as Daisy swoops in much to Amelia's entertainment. One of the times, Amelia said "Daisy. Good girl."

I feel crazy for hearing it but it was quite clear and obvious. I wonder how much of her babbles I will understand when I recognize the context.

Reports of Amelia's Genius Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

Amelia is saying words and Amelia is taking steps. Amelia is not talking or walking yet. She is up to 10 steps in a row but they are the wobbly Frankenstein steps. She says words randomly. Some days she uses 5 or so different words other days she only uses one. That one would be Daisy. She consistently says that every day many times a day. Any other words are infrequent but they do happen.

Holy Drama Batman! Otherwise known as O Crap!

So yesterday went quite a bit differently than I had anticipated. We planned on spending the afternoon/evening at the Baileys’ but then a stomach bug took them down so that didn’t happen. I bought the boys some custard and some fries as a consolation prize on the way home and then they went to the park with their friend Quin.

Jill, Quin’s mom, came over at around 5:20 and said the boys had called and that Xander was hurt. They thought he had broken his wrist. I was preparing for a night with his arm iced and if it was swollen in the morning heading to the pediatrician.

Birthday Month

Looking at my calendar today I find it amazing the amount of birthdays there are this month in our family (nieces, nephews, siblings, parents). Many of them are milestone birthdays.

It started with Steve Stalcup's 35th birthday on 12/8, Jacob's 16th on 12/9 (today), Xander's 10th on 12/11, Brigham's 5th on 12/13, Greg's 3rd on 12/14, Cole's 12th on 12/15, Collin's (I don't know how old) on 12/16, Bree's 1st on 12/27, and finally Bryn's 12th on 12/31. (Forgive me if I missed someone, the list is fairly extensive.)

Holy Schmoly

What could be more hectic than having older children plus a baby. Well the sports season is wrapping up so hopefully I will have more time for entries. Amelia and I spend a ridiculous amount of time in the car and things should be easing up for a few weeks at least. Tomorrow is Elijah's official last game of the season. His team made it to the championship game again. Despite having a series of colds Xander's breathing is doing better. Maxwell loves Scouts and is always trying to figure out what he can do for that. Amelia's monster gene has seriously awakened.


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