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Yesterday I got back from a 10 day vacation. On vacation we did a lot of things, like playing tag and pool at the reunion and going to BYU and the Bean Museum. We played a lot of things at the family reunion with lots of movies and games. I got second place in poker and in the ping-pong tournament. On the last day of the reunion we all had an assignment to clean up . Our family had to vacuum all of the lower floor. I had to vacuum a lot of the lower floor which was the most boring part of the reunion. After that we went back to the Russons' House .

My better story of the cultural celebration* ( =

The cultural celebration started out sounding super stupid. The dance was idiotic and nobody liked it we ll felt that way until near the very end. The very end was just fun, we all felt the spirit, and we all wanted to do it again afterwards. The practices were long and really at the end of the last practice it didn't look like it was going to work. In the end we all felt the spirit and the performance all worked out, even in the rain we pulled it together. In the rain we were all soaked and freezing but we still sang loudly. When President Thomas S.

Agency and Acountability


"Wherefore, the Lord God gave unto man that he should act for himself. Wherefore, man could not act for himself save it should be that he was enticed by one another."2 Nephi 2:16

Heavenly father gave us freedom to do what we wanted to do but we couldn't do it unless we were helped by someone else.


"And Joshua said unto hi son, Achan, I pray the glory of the Lord God of Israel, and make confession unto him, and tell me now what thou hast done. Hide it not from me." Joshua 7:19

Note to Amelia and Ivy about Grandma Jean

Our Grandma Landon always loved to spoil people she always gave us everything we wanted almost. She always drank Pepsi and ate potato chips and gave us a lot of junk food. When Elijah was 3 months old she gave Elijah a donut because he wanted one. She always wanted us to have everything fun and exciting because she didn't have it when she was a kid. I remember her taking us to Funworks or Boomblox (I forgot what it was called) and letting us get like everything you can eat and a bunch of tokens because she wanted us to have fun.


"Sacred means worthy of veneration and respect.By designating something as sacred, the Lord signals it is of higher value and priority than other things.Sacred things.Sacred things are to be treated with more care, given greater deference, and regarded with more care." To hold sacred.

Things worth a lot of respect are sacred.If it is sacred it is worth more and is of higher priority. They're to be given more respect, value, and is a higher priority than other things are.

My priorities are
1. Church
2. School
3. Sports
5.Other things

Why the AZ cards outdo every other team.

First off, the cards are going four for 0 at football and if you like the Falcons or the Texans they stink( compared to AZ at least). Our team has had a whole lot of hard wins and one of the hardest teams in the country, the Patriots. The dolphins were also extremely hard and we only won in overtime with a fifty yard field goal! What now! And if you like the Eagles we beat them easily and Vick pretty much gave us a touchdown by fumbling it to the fastest linebacker ever, Washington (Uncle Bryce). If you like the 49ers they are not 4 and 0 like us.

my new team for soccer

This My new soccer team is awesome even if we have four annoying players.Collin, Quin, Gregory, and Drake. Drake and Gregory both aren't that annoying. Collin doesn’t really do anything but talk to people .Quin does stuff but when we discuss strategies he just talks. Alexander, a friend of mine from school, is on my team this year. In the scrimmage he got one assist and one goal. This Is his first year in a league and he’s is still pretty good.

12 reasons why Ameia is insane

Amelia is crazy because;
1- She starts playing recorder at random times
2- Says surprise whenever we say shh because it's from her favourite book
3- All dogs are Daisy
4- Refuses to say m, she won't say Maxwell, Mom, or Amelia.
5- Throws food everywhere while we are saying prayer.
6- Uses Daisy as a stepping stool onto the couch.
7- Starts screaming every time we don't let her feed the dog.
8- Follows Daisy around when Daisy is trying to get away from her.
9- Sits on Daisy.
10- Likes to climb on our chairs and go through the armrest when she is to big for it.

My summative

My summative was awesome!!!!!!!!!!! It started out with a video of what we did over the quarter. Then we played three songs that we learned in music. They were called Nig round BAG, The Canoe sSong, and Cha Cha Chihuahua.Then we went to our classrooms. At our classrooms each table had an expiriment and I explained each one to my family. The other side of our clasroom was the best. WE had made a fake cave out of paper and many other materials. I made the stalagmites. My summative rocked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Spring Break

My Spring Break has been a thrill. On Monday, last week, we went over to the Baileys' house. We met at Tumble weed Park where we played a bit of wiffleball and on the playground. When we went to the Baileys' house we played a obstacle course game in Seth's room. In the game someone would make a course that someone would have to go through without getting hit by stuffed animals that someone was throwing. If you got hit you'd have to start over. On Tuesday we started out playing disc golf and then I can't remember what happened. Wednesday we played with our friend, Quin, all day long.

The end of February is awesome

This week is going to be awesome! On Tuesday I'm going to Kartcher Caverns. The field trip goes from 7:00 am to 5:00 pm. The bus has a tv and is going to be really comfy. Also this week I might get my cast off. If I do two weeks after that I'll be the happiest kid on Earth. I'll be able to do everything. My soccer team is doing great and it's looking like an awesome season.


This year Christmas was awesome. This year Amelia opened the wrapping paper between the hallway and the living room. We opened our presents and later church was really really cool. There wasn't any talks, a few scriptures about Jesus, and a lot of different songs, my favorite song was Alleluia, Gloria, Magnificent, Nowell. Afterwards my brothers and I played outside with our best friend, Quin. Our mom made ham and Ogrotten potatoes for dinner , and they were delicious. This Christmas was awesome. :D

Breaking my arm.

A few days ago I broke both my bones in my arm. It happened when I was at the park with my brothers and our friend. I was riding our Ripstik that we got for Christmas on the sidewalk . I jumped off and slipped on something and landed on my arm. We quickly walked home and when we got there my mom called the ambulance. The first hospital we went to was Chandler Regional but later we went to the Phoenix children's hospital. The surgery was done the next morning and the next day I got to go home. Last night we played wii sports tennis.

My summative

This year's project group's theme rocked.We studied plants and invasive characteristics. For summative we looked at aplant we had seen only once before and decided if it should be planted on our field.I was assigned roots and narrator(did beginning and end.)and after that we decided it wouldn't be planted on our field.Then we went to the experiment room where we had a whole bunch of odd plants,roots,stems,leaves, and fruits.

My birthday celebrations (8(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:():(;(=

This year I celebrated my birthday the most out of any other year, I had 3 1/2 celebrations!
My first celebration was with the Baileys.With them we played Quiddler and went to the park. After that we ate some of my mom's Alfredo, grandma ellen's fruit salad, and Aunt Carey's some type of bread. They also gave me two presents, one from aunt kiki ;D and grandma Ellen, the other from the Baileys. The Baileys gave me a small lab set and Grandma Ellen + Aunt Kiki :D gave me a Rubik's cube slide. When we got home my parents gave me a Disc Golf Nuke also.

This season rocked!

This season was awesome. I had a very nice team and my dad was my coach. we only had two losses the whole entire season and one of them I wasn't there because of my surgery. My dad as coach was the best part. All the team mates enjoyed the coaches. Timmy, one of my team mates said, "the coaches rock."Thanks dad for coaching me this year : >:P :D : o ( ; c:

What's been happening lately.

Currently I got my bear badge in scouts, C.K. is back, and lots of stuff at school.In scouts I earned my bear which rocks because now I don't have to do scout stuff until my b-day. When I earned it I had to fight Sister Fine, who was pretending to be a bear. After I won I got a fake bear claw and some fake scratches. The claw was really cool but it is too tight so I can't wear it. I've done my exercise unit too I got like fifty push-ups in a minute and forty-five sit-ups in a minute. I can jump a foot more than my height, five feet.


Amelia is our newborn sister born Friday the 18th .We were able to go to are cousin's house and have a sleepover . A day later we heard that Amelia was born at 11:50 a.m. That night we were able to visit her.I was first oust of my brothers to hold her The day after that we got a call from our dad saying she was named Amelia Anne Anderson. Today she went through some tests and mom ,dad, and Amelia are finally coming home.

Wall ball

Quin, my brothers, and I made up new rules for wall ball.We have about 13 new rules.There's stop, which makes you stop and throw the ball at the wall, lay down, which makes you lay down three yards from the wall and throw it if you miss you're stuck laying down.Another rule is that if someone says "crash" making you have to throw the ball at the wall and touching it after it bounces off the wall or else you're stuck. there are three rules a lot like each other they're called bazooka, AK-47 ,and pistol which AK-47 and pistol makes you throw it at a green spot on the wall.

Two games we play with Quin.

Quin , one of our friends , has a lemon tree and two orange trees. Whenever we are in his back we throw lemons at each other. Sometimes we play ball tag and throw lemons at whoever is it ,or get mad and throw it at someone who isn't it. Eventually the person who's it will throw it at someone to stun them.
Another game is we throw lemons at each other and try to hurt each other .We have bases under a lemon tree or orange tree . The teams are me , by myself and Max and Quin .Elijah doesn't like throwing lemons or getting hit by them so we play with Quin ,Max ,and I.


Me and my brothers started playing a game where we fight each other with imaginary weapons .Just today we started fighting with real figures, old stuffed animals as bombs, we'd mark habitats on a piece of paper, the kitchen as the mountains, the office as a desert , computer room as the prairies, back rooms as a forest, and half the living room a beach the other half the ocean.Sometimes we use Nerf guns as guns but usually we just say M-16, AK-47 or any other weapon.We've only been playing this for three days!

My talk

At church I have to say a talk. This is my talk : Hi, my name is Xander my talk is about reading the scriptures . Reading the scriptures can help with many things including if you want to get baptized or not .On 1 Nephi chapters 3 and 4 Lehi had a vision. He needed to get the brass plates. He sent his 4 sons to get them from Laban. When Laman, Nephi, Lemeul and Sam got there they decided that Laman would go to Laban and ask for the plates . But when he did laban threw him out. Laman went back to his brothers and they decided to make a plan .


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