My better story of the cultural celebration* ( =

The cultural celebration started out sounding super stupid. The dance was idiotic and nobody liked it we ll felt that way until near the very end. The very end was just fun, we all felt the spirit, and we all wanted to do it again afterwards. The practices were long and really at the end of the last practice it didn't look like it was going to work. In the end we all felt the spirit and the performance all worked out, even in the rain we pulled it together. In the rain we were all soaked and freezing but we still sang loudly. When President Thomas S. Monson walked in we all felt the spirit so much the rain felt like it had stopped . When Eyring talked it also stopped for a while and while we danced and sang to certain songs t also stopped. When it stopped you could look out in the distance and see how much it was raining there and how hard. It was way herder out there than in the field we performed. When we were walking back from our dance (the lucky ones) I waved at the prophet and I saw the prophet start to smile. I don't know if it was at me or not but I do Know I felt the spirit so much that moment. My friends, brothers friend, brother's girlfriend, and family all had so n=much fun it is not definable how we felt in the moment.
*probably not better than ET but whatever (=

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