My Crazy Life

To say our life has been eventful is an understatement. I don't like to complain or to come off as complaining and my attitude is generally positive with a bit of overwhelmed in there. We are definitely having to rely on the Lord which is a good thing. There is just too much that we can't fix or handle and we are just along for the ride.

I was released from Primary in the beginning of December. Emotionally this was devastating. Logically it was a good thing. I don't know how our Presidency could have accomplished all of the end of year and beginning of year stuff. Our President was having a difficult post-partum and she felt bad asking the rest of us for more help. I miss Primary and really love it in there. I still don't have a calling which can feel pretty lame, but again it has probably been a good thing. I felt better about that when the previous 2nd counselor from the Presidency that was released in March told me she has had the only calling of Relief Society Chorister since then and she is totally awesome. I have served as a counselor in Primary twice for a grand total of less than 2 years.

December Drama: Xander turned 12 and chose to be ordained to the Priesthood. December 15 was the Sunday after his birthday. We had a lot of family come to town to participate. Elijah wasn't feeling well on Saturday, but he was trying to verbally play it off. He also wasn't keeping us in the loop about things like loss of appetite or how painful bumps in the car were for him. He wasn't answering our questions 100% truthfully. My mom senses were heightened towards him though. I feel like on that Saturday the Spirit guided me to be mindful of appendicitis. He didn't have a fever on Saturday. I told him if his symptoms got worse or he started to have a fever he needed to tell me immediately. Sunday at 5 pm or so, Jared told Elijah to take his temperature. Elijah came to me and told me he had a fever. I asked Jared to take Elijah to the E.R. I was pretty sure it was appendicitis. Stephanie also palpated Elijah's abdomen and he had the pain that would indicate appendicitis. Jared and Bryce took Elijah to Cardon Children's which is part of Banner Health. Our suspicions were confirmed and he had surgery that night.

It was Elijah's last week of the semester so he had to schedule a few days to take his finals at the end of break. His teachers were really helpful and supportive in getting us his final assignments.

Because of this experience with Banner Health, we will be trying to avoid them completely in the future. After appendicitis was confirmed and the surgeons were called a doctor came in to say basically that he thinks everyone who comes to the e.r. should have a chance to talk to a dr. (A P.A. had been working on Elijah's case up to this point.) He then told Jared, Elijah's operation would be some time on Monday. Jared asked wouldn't they be worried about it bursting. The dr responded that that's what antibiotics are for. He charged $400 for his little bit of wisdom. The P.A. bill was over $1000. When the surgeon came in he said that they were operating ASAP (duh). Another issue I have with Banner Health is that although it is contracted with our insurance they work with a lot of doctors that aren't. This means we get double deductibles before our insurance covers anything.(Out of network and in network) Yay! Elijah had a nurse one of the days that was M.I.A. she didn't keep him on his pain management schedule and so he ended up in a lot of extra unnecessary pain. It also seems from the number of dr bills I am getting that are not surgeon or anesthesiologist that they allow a merry go round of doctors through the room. I am not surprised that Banner doesn't send out patient surveys. They probably don't want to hear how crappy I think they are. They released Elijah while he still had a fever, something I thought was unheard of. They sent him home with baby/toddler instructions about car seats and pool safety. Nothing about after care for appendectomy or if this happens it's an emergency, if this happens call the doctor during office hours, etc. His fever was still spiking to 103.

January Drama: This is the last one I am writing about so I am a bit burnt out on the rehashing. Daisy fought another dog while Maxwell was taking her on a walk on Jared and my wedding anniversary. Because of this incident, currently I have a public defender (I am responsible to pay some of the costs). I will go into more detail about this some other time. I'm done.

February Drama: Jared was called as a Teacher's Quorum Adviser just before I was released. That has meant a lot of extra meetings including Wednesday nights for him. He was blessed enough to participate in the Gilbert Temple Cultural Celebration as a Captain of 10. He had Xander and Elijah in his group. On the first all day rehearsal he tripped on a rock and broke his arm. He has a night stick fracture. Hopefully this week we get the final word that he can avoid surgery. If he has to have surgery it will be 2 surgeries so his doctor is really trying to avoid that which is causing significant pain for Jared. The doctor twisted Jared's arm palm up before casting it above the elbow. Jared was determined he would go to the Cultural Celebration no matter what and even stated he wouldn't do anything the doctor told him to do that would keep that from happening. He makes me laugh. Plus, I am amazed that something he would have been pretty negative about just a few years ago was such an awesome experience for him now.

The story of how he broke his arm: our region's practice field was across a major intersection from the park where the entire 12,000 youth were to perform and practice. When it was time to meet at the main field, the herd of 2000 plus crossed the intersection. Jared was carrying a ton of stuff including 10 Titles of Liberty. He was also keeping track of a bunch of 12 and 13 year olds. He didn't see the large rocks cemented into the sidewalk as car barriers. He tripped and landed on top of the rock with his left arm between the rock and the Titles. His break is the ulna and it isn't an angled enough break for it to be easily set.

All of these situations are not resolved yet. The boys just started baseball and we have a normal busyness to attend to. Are we having fun yet? At least we are never bored.

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